Wonho Captivates Fans With His Single Album Obsession

By: Danni Perez
Wonho Obsession
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On February 16, 6 PM KST, Wonho captivated listeners with his first single album, Obsession. This latest release consists of two tracks: “Eye On You” and “Somebody.” The multi-faceted musician flexes his talents partaking in the songwriting, composition, and arrangement for both songs. 

Prior to the release, separate sets of story photos and concept photos were shared on social media. The photo sets ranged from Wonho leering in front of a curtain with a projection of a white wolf to images of him looking like peak boyfriend material. Despite the duality in the photos, it is clear that the vocalist is out to steal hearts with Obsession

Eyes on Wonho

Eye On You,” is a sultry electronic track that talks about an intoxicating infatuation with lyrics such as, “Come take my heart to ruin me now.” Wonho captures the ever-increasing desire through the pacing of the song, the closer he gets to the chorus the less he pauses between singing lines. The track booms with a catchy melody and an even catchier chorus, “I got my eye on you / I need your love, I need your touch / I got my eye on you / Engrave me deep over your body.”

Wonho released an equally sexy music video for “Eye On You.” Wearing a nude crew neck with faux tattoos, Wonho owns the striking look for the bold track. There are many other fashionable moments where he is clad in lace, all-black, and all-white outfits. 

While he may be serving looks, Wonho also reminds viewers about what a talented dancer he is with the various choreography formations. At one point in the video, Wonho dances with one of the dancers as they mirror one another and she sneaks up behind him. His storytelling ability through his dance moves is one of many reasons why the “Eye On You,” music video is so pleasing to watch. 

WENEE, Wonho’s fans, did not waste a second to express their love for him and the music video. They took to Twitter and immediately expressed their admiration for him, the track, and the accompanying visuals. 

Changing the Pace

Wonho slows things down a bit with the longing track, “Somebody.” The English track gives Wonho’s pleas for another person a fitting sound. What starts as a slower acoustic song quickly builds up to a catchy alt-pop rhythm that increases in tempo as if running to catch someone. 

In a delicate tone, Wonho sings the haunting lyrics, “I pray to God, oh, every night /  Take me back to where I belong.” He shares intimate lyrics that are nearly hidden by the song’s upbeat melody.

WENEE made sure to shower Wonho in plenty of love with their kind words after listening to “Somebody.” If they weren’t sharing their love for him, they were discussing their feelings about the somber track. 

A New Obsession

Wonho’s first single album, Obsession, is available to listen to on Apple Music and Spotify now. With just two songs, Wonho exhibited his versatility as an artist. From his credits of creating the tracks to the drastic change in the mood between the songs, Wonho makes sure his latest release will become listeners’ newest obsession.

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