Between her successful music career and her stacked fashion resumé, Wonyoung, member of the K-pop group IVE, is always at the forefront of trends. Whether she is watching a fashion show from the front row or performing for her fans, the singer consistently serves the most fashionable looks. Case in point: her most recent Instagram post, which is a masterfully crafted ode to the biggest beauty trends of 2023.

Gen Z-Approved Y2K

On July 22, Wonyoung shared pictures from her group’s latest concert in Bangkok, Thailand. Other than the heartfelt caption thanking fans as IVE wrapped up their first Asia tour, the singer delivered the trendiest beauty look. Created by makeup artist Jung Se Jeong, Wonyoung’s makeup honed in on Y2K essentials via glazed lips and cutesy facial stickers — both thriving in the beauty community. Wonyoung put a Gen Z twist on nostalgia-infused makeup by wearing a heart and a Hello Kitty sticker under her right eye. 

The singer’s take on facial embellishments perfectly aligned with the rise of anime-centered beauty and served to highlight her eye makeup. Wonyoung’s cat-eye look featured mauve pink glittery eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and the most effortless (and unintentional) spin on the anti-mascara trend that prospered in the second half of 2022. 

Hyperfeminity FTW

Wonyoung’s commitment to beauty trends was also evident in her hairstyle. The singer opted for neat, shiny loose waves — her own take on Mermaidcore hairstyles making waves among A-listers. To top off the look, IVE’s hairstylist tapped into the hyper-feminity movement influencing trends and added a bow hair clip. The final look is as stylish as it gets and showcases Wonyoung’s ability to rock nearly every trend. 

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