Boyband fans across the globe rejoiced as TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) and the Jonas Brothers joined forces on “Do It Like That.” On July 7, the digital single and music video released to fans of the groups, respectively known as Jonatics and MOA’s, delight. This iconic collaboration is a strong candidate for a summer staple as the two groups bring their A game in this upbeat track.

When K-pop’s Gen Z Voices Meet the West’s Beloved Brothers

TXT steadily built up anticipation on TikTok, teasing a collaboration slated for a July release. Coming off of the success of their collaboration with rapper Coi Leray on “Happy Fools,” MOAs were eager to see who the quintet would work with next. On June 21, the Jonas Brothers’ participation was revealed through a track poster and a multiverse-shattering TikTok. 

In a press statement, Yeonjun expressed, “I grew up listening to Jonas Brothers’ music so it’s very surreal that we had a chance to collaborate with them on this track.” Yeonjun isn’t the only one who shares this sentiment, as many MOAs refer to the band trio as a big part of their childhood.

Fans were treated to a snippet of the chorus on TikTok and Instagram on June 22. The Jonas Brothers’ Instagram reel showed both teams jamming in the studio and it has amassed over 100 million views, displaying the public’s anticipation for the full release. TXT would release a 16-part TikTok series using the song preview. In this series, they check the validity of their “green flags” (though Soobin hilariously posted his by accident) and follow along to a bear mascot’s dance routine. Following suit, the Jonas Brothers also posed for concept photo teasers. 

Got People Dancin’ Up On Top of Their Cars

The song is produced by OneRepublic’s lead vocalist, Ryan Tedder, who penned hits like Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love,” among many others. This dance anthem is accompanied by bouncy percussion and a captivating guitar riff that takes off in the chorus. “Do It Like That” flaunts each team’s impressive vocal chops — as the pre-chorus’ melody picks up in pace and leads listeners to an explosive chorus of falsetto notes. The Jonas Brothers kick off the song, and TXT take charge of the second verse. Ultimately, both teams come together in the bridge to express their lovestruck adoration: “You sendin’ signals and them waves go far / Got people dancin’ up on top of their cars.” 

The infectious, positive energy this song radiates is acknowledged by TXT. Hueningkai shared, “It’s a song that you want to listen to when you’re headed on a trip with your besties or whenever you need to recall the happiest moments in your life.”

The music video directed by Yongsoo Kwon features a simple, white background — yet the presence of these worldstars is dominating. Longtime MOAs also drew comparisons to the “Angel or Devil” music video and “What do you do?” introduction film, reminiscing on how much the team has grown since their debut year. 

Each team’s forte is exemplified in their respective chorus shots, as the Jonas Brothers strum away on their guitars whilst TXT showcase their high-energy choreography. As the song reaches a close, the shots alternate between the Jonas Brothers and TXT, harmoniously bringing the global stars together. 

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