1iL Releases Newest Single “Runaway”

By: Isabel Resendis
1iL Runaway
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Ten months after releasing “틀어 Netflix (Turn on Netflix),” 1iL is back with his third single. On January 3, produced and written by 1iL himself, “Runaway” is an alternative rock song with a mix of hip-hop. 

As a kid, 1iL always enjoyed listening to rock and hip-hop and had the idea to mix both genres into this track. While creating “Runaway,” 1iL played his guitar and combined rhythmic hip-hop based drums in order to complete the song. 


1iL, filled with emotions, was inspired to write the lyrics for “Runaway” by looking up at the sky and watching a half-moon — believing it describes the void inside him. The lyrics describe a nerdy guy’s past confession and regrets about his ex-lover. 

He tries to overcome them, but is obsessed with his past relationship and his unresolved feelings. As he tries to run away, he is stuck and believes this is his first and last feeling. 

1iL Runaway single cover.

Image courtesy of Signature Sound.

The Music Video

The music video starts with the camera zooming into 1iL’s face as he yells out the first words to the lyrics, saying “I gotta go!” Combining rapping and singing, 1iL’s voice can capture the attention of many with his upbeat tone. 

1iL posing in the Runaway music video.

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The music video showed a great number of edits like fish-eye lenses, 3D, and a mirror effect. You can see the video start to rewind and speed up while it shows 1iL standing, running, or circling around the streets.  

In the end, 1iL is seen riding a skateboard until he trips and falls to the ground. This scene shows exactly what the song “Runaway” theme is about. Trapped by his past feelings, 1iL lays on the ground and looks up to the sky, feeling hopeless. He eventually sits up with a face filled with thoughts and regrets.

In the upcoming year, 1iL wants to interact with a variety of music with different ranges and genres  — beginning with “Runaway” as an upbeat melody combined with alternative rock and hip-hop. You can listen to “Runaway” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Signature Sound.

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