eaJ performed for the first time as a soloist on the second day of Head in the Clouds. Also known as Jae Park, the member of DAY6 started posting self-made songs on YouTube in January 2020. After a pandemic-induced time away from fans and performances, he finally performed them with a live crowd of his fans.

It’s Good To Be Home

After eaJ’s performance with DPR IAN and DPR LIVE on the first day of the festival, the hype for his solo stage was strong. The big crowd at the event was already chanting his name before the lights turned on and he arrived onstage. “It’s good to be home,” said the singer, as he revealed himself to the city he grew up in. He was dressed in an all-black outfit, crowned by a No Fake Friends hoodie. 

He opened his show with a powerful rock intro, joined by a live band that immediately set a strong start. Jumping and screaming, he spread his characteristic energy all over the crowd.

A Musical Rollercoaster

The tone suddenly switched down to a chill atmosphere as eaJ proceeded to perform Wallflower, a new song that he mentioned on his Instagram as his favorite song from the ones he has written. After two years of absence from live stages, he was able to show off his smooth vocals and comforting lyrics.

The artist took brief breaks between songs, where he got to show his playful personality and close relationship with his fans. He jokingly said he didn’t make the right decisions when planning the setlist of his show, as he quickly ran out of breath after performing for a few minutes. In short, he recovered and kept on delivering a spotless show.

The energy started to build up again with his song “Otherside,” and reached its highest point with his new rock song “Car Crash.”

“Now it’s gonna get real serious,” eaJ announced as he introduced the next song on his setlist, “50 proof.” Emotions started to flow when he took a moment to thank MyDays—DAY6’s fandom, and those who supported him from the beginning. He mentioned how he is used to writing sad and introspective songs, so he invited the audience to settle down to enjoy this ballad.

Iconic Collaborations

The mood immediately brightened when Seori joined eaJ on stage to perform their collaboration song “It Just Is.” The singer showed up in a fluffy blue sweater, a black-spotted white skirt, and black-and-white boots, blessing the crowd with both her stunning looks and her sweet vocals. The two artists harmonized to this fan-favorite song, which now has more than 6 million views on YouTube.

The hype only got stronger when keshi came up on stage, next to eaJ, to sing “Pillows.” He complimented the singer’s casual looks with his oversized gray jacket and his loose long hair.

A Heartfelt Ending

As the show was coming to an end, eaJ granted the live band behind him a solo moment to thank their work. The electric guitar, the piano, the drums, the bass—all reminiscent of eaJ’s rock background with DAY6.

Lastly, he poured the best of his heart and his vocals for his final song, “Guess Not.” With a simple “thank you,” he left the stage and closed this long-awaited encounter with his fans.


A Night To Remember

A day prior to his solo performance, eaJ held a brief Instagram Live to talk about his experience and expectations of Head In The Clouds. He talked about how his relationship with the stage has evolved over the past years. He mentioned that previously, performing had a “tight vibe” that made him nervous, but now singing at the festival, he feels more carefree and even has the energy to perform one more song. “It just feels different now,” the singer said with relief. Currently, eaJ occasionally posts his work on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Miranda McDonald/88rising.