BamBam Takes It Slow With New Mini Album ‘B’

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BamBam B
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On January 18, the South-Korean based Thai artist, BamBam, officially released his highly anticipated second mini-album, B. Compared to his first mini-album Ribbon, the GOT7 member shows versatility as a solo artist as his second EP expresses an entirely different sound. This double-titled track mini has six songs total—including works written by BamBam himself, as well as tracks composed by American artists Pink Sweat$ and Elijah Daniels.

“Satellites” Beaming

The EP opens with “Satellites,” a psychedelic trance track co-written by the Thai artist. This piece is reminiscent of Houston artist Don Toliver. This is no surprise considering Dougie F, who has featured and produced a Toliver track before, is credited for writing and composing the track.

The song starts with a hypnotic tune that quickly picks up into a smooth trap beat before the second verse. This track perfectly pairs with BamBam’s smooth voice over an addictive melody.

A Dark Illusion Called Love

Pre-released December 28, 2021, “Who Are You” is a title track in collaboration with Seulgi of Red Velvet. The track was co-produced and written by BamBam himself. This electric-pop ballad mixes the two idols’ voices perfectly. The song mesmerizes listeners through powerful imagery and lyricism as they bear witness to two people lost in love. Lyrics like, “Who are you? You’re like a maze, but I like you,” compares the feeling to being lost in a maze.

The music video depicts the rocky relationship between the two lovers with dark scenes. Mirroring choreography shows how the two are perfectly in sync with one another, while other scenes show how they’re lost and trying to find one another. There is a beauty of ambiguity in this track, as “Who Are You?” is a question that can be asked to a lover, or to oneself.

Melting Slowly 

“Slow Mo” was co-written by BamBam and Pink Sweat$—the two hinted at a collaboration in November 2021. This second lead track is sweet and melodic. BamBam’s soft vocals give off a dreamy vibe as they layer perfectly over the beat. Paired with the whimsical settings of the music video, this song feels like a heart-melting story of two lovers. BamBam paints a picture of how the two are slowly falling for each other. “Melting Slowly / As we dreamt [of] each other / My heart resembles yours.” The lyrics allude to a love that he has never experienced before, singing “I wasn’t like this till I met you.” This love is so perfect it’s almost like he’s in a dream that he isn’t ready to wake up from.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine

The fourth track on the mini is “Subliminal.” Written and composed by indie R&B artist Jimmy Brown , collapsedone, and Ariowa Irosogie—who is credited on works by NCT 127, ELHAE, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce. The listener can easily lose themselves in this trap R&B song as BamBam’s vocals engulf them. Though there is little left to the imagination with the sensual lyrics of the pre-chorus, the rest of the song hints at a complicated ‘situationship’ with a partner. He voices his frustrations in the second verse, “Running out of currency / Paid you attention / And got nothing back in return.” Simply put, he’s tired of the “Subliminal” messages his partner is giving him.

So Sweet You’ll Get a Cavity!

“Let Me Love You” is another track co-written by BamBam and Jimmy Brown. This pop tune is full of romance, with tooth-achingly sweet lyrics that are meant to comfort a lover. Written from the perspective of a person who deeply cares for their partner— the artist stresses wanting to share hardships, so their lover doesn’t endure burdens alone. “If your heart [is] having a hard time, share it with me / I’ll listen to everything / I look at you with a smile / So that I can lighten your burden.” BamBam captivates fans in this song full of love, as his singing skills take center stage!

Feel The Thrill With “Ride or Die”

What better way to end a mini-album than with a bang? “Ride or Die” is the final track on the EP; co-written by BamBam along with Sam F, Elijah Daniel, and earattack. Fans got a sneak peek of this upbeat track when BamBam performed it for the first time at “MONO29 PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2022” for New Years. This pop-rock track has such a catchy melody that it’ll have you up on your feet dancing in no time! The song never loses momentum once it hits the first chorus. It is a must-add to any playlist that makes you want to go crazy—or hit 100 on the expressway!

One Of A Kind

BamBam has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with, yet again! “B” is just one of his many creative projects. Anyone can see how boundless his love for the arts is as he continues to release more songs and share his creative vision with us. As he continues to master his craft as a soloist, BamBam is cementing his spot in the music industry as one of a kind. We at EnVi can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for the artist. 

You can listen to BamBam’s mini-album B on Spotify and be sure to keep up with the artist on social media by following his Twitter and Instagram! Also, follow the BAMBAMxABYSS Twitter account for official updates.

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