On July 29, Bebe Rexha released a remix of her song “Break My Heart Myself” with Yeji and Ryujin of the K-pop girl group ITZY. After impressing the American singer-songwriter with their STUDIO CHOOM dance cover, the duo added their vocals to the pop track. The release has been teased for weeks, raising anticipation from fans of both artists.

Yeji and Ryujin’s MIX & MAX

STUDIO CHOOM is a popular K-pop dance channel that highlights unique performances from various artists. Yeji and Ryujin appeared on the channel’s newly introduced “MIX & MAX” series with a dance cover to “Break My Heart Myself.” Following their work Yeji and Ryujin “Artist of the Month” performances, Ali and Bell choreographed the performance. Ryujin said she wanted viewers of the performance to “think this is ITZY.” The group are recognized for their iconic dance moves and great chemistry which was portrayed in the performance through the duo’s pair moves. Yeji and Ryujin also gave a powerful performance with their facial expressions.

With currently over 25 million views on YouTube and countless covers of the choreography on TikTok, the dance performance has had an undeniable impact on the song. It rose in charts throughout Asia, leading to its promotion in South Korea. The performance also impressed Bebe Rexha. This ultimately led to the remix that ITZY and Bebe have been teasing since June.

A Perfect Match

Break My Heart Myself” is a very meaningful song for Bebe Rexha as it references her struggle with bipolar disorder. She explained the meaning of the song for Apple Music. “I’ve broken my own heart a million times and there’s nobody else that can come and break my heart more than I already have, so don’t even waste my time.” Continuing the sentiment, the remix includes the lyrics, “Sometimes I feel like a misfit / Sometimes I might make a mess, but / OK, I’m doing my best.”

 The pop song begins with guitar strings and Bebe Rexha whispering “ITZY” and Ryujin saying “Bebe.” The addictive bass quicks in as Bebe sings the chorus, making listeners want to dance along to the beat. One of the producers for the track is Travis Barker who was featured on the original song. In the remix, the song includes a smooth transition into the second verse with Yejis’s higher voice, a perfect contrast to Bebe Rexhas’s unique vocal color. Ryujin lends her lower tone to the rap section but also showcases her vocal talent during the song’s end. The lyric video for the release includes the English lyrics and the Korean translation.

Fans of both artists have expressed their appreciation for the song on Twitter.

What’s Next?

The collab follows the release of ITZY’s fifth mini album, CHECKMATE. They are also set to embark on their first world tour, beginning on August 6 in Seoul. MIDZY, fans of ITZY, are hoping that all members of the group can collaborate with Bebe Rexha in the future. On the other hand, Bebe Rexha’s fans can anticipate new music as she revealed on Twitter that she has been busy in the studio. The singer-songwriter is in high demand as other K-pop artists such as TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Soobin, STAYC’s Sumin, and Jessi have stated that they want to collaborate with her. Notably, she worked with K-pop artists before as she is the writer of SHINee’s hit single “Lucifer.”

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