On May 4, BTS officially revealed the title and logo of their upcoming anthology album Proof. Set to release on June 10, just ahead of BTS’ ninth anniversary, Proof was announced at the end of a five-minute logo trailer. The post on the septet’s official Twitter included the YouTube link and a simple yet eye-catching caption of BTS’ first four album release dates strung together. An ellipse followed these numbers before landing on the next comeback date, “0610.” 

Within an hour of this teaser, the logo trailer has been streamed two million times, and #BTS_Proof, #BTSCOMEBACK2022, #BTSISCOMING, and #BANGTAN were top trending hashtags on Twitter. 

Ready, Set, Dream

According to a Weverse notice published on May 4, Proof is a collection of three CDs and will feature three new tracks. Called an “anthology album that embodies the history of BTS,” Proof will be the first BTS album project since the release of BE in 2020. This anthology will “reflect the thoughts and ideas of the members on the past, present, and future of BTS.” 

The Proof trailer solidifies this message by rebuilding the logos from all of BTS’ albums, starting with their debut mini, 2 Cool 4 Skool. About seven seconds in, a clock begins ticking and the white flecks on the black screen take shape as analog numbers. The meaning behind them is soon apparent when “13 06 12,” BTS’ debut date, emerges. 

The trailer buildup then gives way to 18 animated logos and their concept art. Each BTS era is reconstructed piece-by-piece as the albums’ specific title track plays in the background. The first BTS logo, a bulletproof vest with “BTS” emblazoned on it, announces its arrival with gunshots syncing with the bullet holes created in the vest. Their Love Yourself trilogy, meanwhile, follows the elegant loops of the line art from the series’ album covers. This reimagining of the logos in motion, complete with sound effects, creates a new experience surrounding the musical timeline of BTS. 

The energetic “Permission to Dance” is the final logo to appear before everything cuts to silence. A beat later and the video unveils a countdown from 10. BTS’ comeback trailer ends with the reveal of the platinum Proof logo. The pieces echo the opening door shape of the BTS logo until they are pulled apart to become “PROOF.” The two “O”s that were molded into BTS’ symbol are then changed into that of ARMYs’ with a click. Overlapping, warped robotic voices (possibly those of the BTS members) conclude the trailer by declaring “We Are Bulletproof” as the words simultaneously materialize on the screen.  

We Are Together Bulletproof

As an anthology album, Proof will reintroduce newer ARMYs, especially those who became fans after the release of BTS’ English singles, to the septet’s history and their nine-year journey. With their anniversary on the horizon, there is an opportunity to spotlight the group’s roots as a part of their annual celebrations. Even more importantly, Proof packages BTS’ notable tracks in one place ahead of their momentous 10-year anniversary. 

The title, “Proof,” also carries significance for BTS and ARMY. The members do not have to “prove” anything to anyone because they have all the “proof” they need in their discography. BTS’ music assures them of their artistry, their growth, and the path they have taken since debut, their fans next to them each step of the way.

Like leader RM said on the first day of Permission to Dance On Stage in Los Angeles, “You guys [ARMY] are the proof of our existence, our value, our breath, our love, our peace.” He continued, reflecting, “We were the bullet, you guys were our proof. So we’re now truly bulletproof.” Through the ups-and-downs, the joyful moments, and the hard times, BTS have had ARMY and ARMY has had BTS. 

A Special Challenge for ARMY

The surprises from BTS did not stop at the album title announcement and logo trailer. About 30 minutes later, BTS also unveiled “My BTS Archive.” This fan engagement project encourages ARMY to create their own images using the logos from BTS’ debut to now. Both the album title treatments and visual elements, if applicable, are at fans’ disposal. My BTS Archive is available on desktop computers, and ARMY are encouraged to share their recreations on Facebook and Twitter. 

ARMY showed off their My BTS Archive creativity on Twitter soon after. 

Got ARMY Right Behind Us

Once BigHit and BTS dropped the trailer, the Proof logo, and My BTS Archive, ARMY did not hesitate to celebrate this new era on social media. 


The past few months have only marked the beginning of a pivotal year for the septet, from their historic Artist of the Year win at the American Music Awards (AMAs) in November to their solo performance at the Grammy Awards in April and their four-day Permission to Dance On Stage concert series in Las Vegas. But despite this whirlwind of global fame, the seven know their roots. Proof recognizes this history that built BTS and honors the stories the group has lived to tell.  

Watch out world: BTS are coming. 

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