On June 14, international K-pop group BTS concluded their 8th-anniversary celebration with day two of their Sowoozoo concert. This was part of the annual Festa event recognizing BTS’ initial debut on June 13, 2013. 

The second day of the concert was similar in its setlist to the previous day’s concert, but day two was themed as the world-tour version and likewise had a few stark differences. 


Celebrating the World

It is no surprise BTS is a group that has taken over the world. With four songs debuting #1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in the USA and an abundance of awards and recognition internationally, BTS has accrued a huge and dedicated fanbase of ARMY outside their origins in South Korea. Correspondingly, the world-tour version of the concert was a way for the group to show appreciation to their fans from around the world Bangtan-style. 

The group began the concert with performances of “Life Goes On,” “Butter,” and “Dynamite.” In the members’ opening greetings, they surprised fans by sharing a wide array of languages they had prepared. BTS’ V and Jin introduced themselves in English, Suga greeted ARMYs in Japanese, and Jungkook in German. RM continued the relay by greeting fans in Spanish, Jimin spoke in French (and just as quickly got embarrassed,) and J-Hope welcomed fans in Thai. 

The members then moved on to their ARMY Signal segment and shared foods ARMY had suggested to them (an “AR-chelin guide,” if you will.) The members continued to say how an important part of travel for them is to try popular food in a given country and gave a quick shoutout to their own McDonald’s meal released on May 26. 

They discussed non-Korean song guesses for the world-tour version of the concert before moving into a performance of one, the group’s Japanese release “Film Out.” The heartbreak song showcased the group’s sweet vocals and melodious harmonies. 

After some of the same performances from the previous day’s concert, including “Stay” and “Fly to my Room,”  the familiar beat of BTS member J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” began as he took the stage. Similar to the “Daechwita” performance from the day prior, the song was performed by all of the members. In particular, fans were amazed by RM and Jimin covering Becky G’s rap in Spanish. Becky G even expressed her approval for the performance on Twitter. Towards the end of the song, the members took turns going to the center of the stage to reveal their freestyle dance while the other members and dancers hyped them up. The performance reflected the song’s fun and energetic vibe, and this set of the stage ended with “Telepathy.” 

Near the end of the concert, the members again performed “Wishing on a star” from yesterday’s show. In total, BTS performed in four different languages throughout the concert.


A Touching Final Message

In the last moments of the concert, members of BTS shared their sincere thoughts with fans. In his ending comments, BTS’ RM recounted from his song “Bicycle” released earlier in the Festa schedule that “a miracle is not too far,” assuring fans the present moment is a miracle in itself. BTS’ V also said, “If we enjoy this moment, I think one day, time will pass, and the day when we can perform in front of ARMYs, looking at them like this, will come.” The group’s youngest, Jungkook, shared in his touching comments, “Since there is still a lot of time left for me … I’m gonna sing until the day I die.” BTS’ Jin, after a pun about his apple hairstyle, said, “What I want to say is, we are always beside you. I hope you remember we aren’t far and that we are always beside you.” 


Bangtan News Anchors on the Way

As a hilarious ending to the event, BTS closed their concert with a news segment detailing a breaking news story of an unidentified object outside HYBE’s building. The object was depicted as a mysterious floating purple BTS emblem. The news report also had a weather report from BTS’s Jimin, who spoke about the rise in temperature in South Korea. The reporters promised listeners to come back at midnight with an explanation for the mysterious occurrence. Finally, at 12 AM KST, Big Hit announced the release of BTS’ latest single “Butter” on CD. The CD will also feature a new track, and pre-orders will begin June 15th. 

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Thumbnail Courtesy of HYBE