BTS’ Jimin & His Diverse Palette of Solo Music


BTS’ vocalist and main dancer Jimin is an all-rounder when it comes to skills and charm. Harboring a unique vocal color that can take on a variety of concepts, today Jimin celebrates his 26th birthday. To celebrate, we’re looking back at his solo songs. 

“Lie” from Wings 

The first time ARMY, BTS’ fandom, heard “Lie” was upon its release in BTS’ 2016 album Wings. In this album, each member had their own solo song to show their personalities. The album itself was a turning point in BTS’ career with the hit song “Blood, Sweat, and Tears,” and with the solo songs, fans had a chance to dive into each member’s unique vocal and rap tone. The song was first teased in a short film released by the group leading up to the album and had listeners tuned in. 

When it did release, the immediate darkness of the song and Jimin’s high notes were enthralling. The lyrics eerily read, “Pull me from this hell / I can’t be free from this pain / Save me, I am being punished.” Aside from the immediate ghastliness present in the song is remorse. From the lyrics, it seems Jimin seeks an escape from the neverending lies. With growing background vocals sounding like ghosts, Jimin’s intercepting belt in the chorus rings out and completes the song. 

“Intro: Serendipity” from LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her

In BTS’ next album, LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ released in September 2017, Jimin completely shifted gears. Where his voice and the lyrics expressed pain and anguish in “Lie,” “Intro: Serendipity” is lulling and serene. In this song, instead of needing saving, Jimin is saved. The song was released initially in the comeback trailer, where the video opens with Jimin’s sweet voice. The production visuals are galactic yet minimalistic, and we see Jimin’s striking visuals against a white backdrop. Exuding sweetness and innocence, the lyrics say, “Since the creation of the universe / Everything was destined / Just let me love you.” Jimin’s soft voice and falsetto deliver this loving message to listeners, creating warmth in the song. 

The full version of “Serendipity” was released almost a year later on BTS’ LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’  album. The full-length version comes with an equally enticing bridge. The song is clear in its message of no happy accidents- it is, in fact, destiny to have met. 


Promise” released on December 31, 2018, on SoundCloud, as a gift to ARMY. He even included the phrase “first Jimin present” in the URL of the song. As many fans know, Jimin was inspired to write “Promise” while performing in Citi Field in New York. That alone was a very historic moment for BTS as it was the first time a Korean artist performed at a stadium. Not long after the unannounced release of the song, Jimin did a V-Live where he talked about how the song came together. Though he initially started writing a very dark song, it evolved as he learned the importance of loving himself. He mentioned that while he was at Citi Field, he made a promise to himself to not make things difficult for himself. He released the song, hoping it would provide ARMY with the same comfort. With the lyrics, “I want you to be your light, baby / You should be your light / So that you won’t be in pain / So you can smile / I want you to be your night baby / you could be your night,” he encourages ARMY to promise to love themselves.  

“Filter” from Map of the Soul: 7

Filter” was released in the album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 on February 21, 2020. Very different from his previous songs, “Filter” is a very sultry and suave melody. Jimin’s unique vocals only add to the color, and he explores how individuals have different “masks” as they present themselves in life. He sings, “Mix the colors in the palette, pick your filter / which me do you want,” implying that with his charm, he can adapt to fit anyone’s preferences and has multiple layers to his personality.

Though he has never been able to perform the song physically in front of fans, he performed it during Map of the Soul ON:E, an online concert BTS held, and fans were not disappointed. With a sensual yet tantalizing dance that included various outfit changes and overflowing with charisma, Jimin captivated the audience. Jimin prepared two different stages for the song and showcased both over the two-day online concert, highlighting the artist’s level of talent. 

“Christmas Love” 

As a Christmas present to ARMY, Jimin released the song “Christmas Love” on BTS’ SoundCloud in December 2020. The song is energetic and opens with the sounds of sleigh bells. With the twinkling background jingle, the song is the perfect treat for the holidays. The lyrics take us back to the innocence of a childhood Christmas, and Jimin’s bright vocals express love for the holiday that served him with such happy memories. 

On BTS’ blog, Jimin shared a note with fans upon releasing the song. In the message, he reminisced on the childhood memories that inspired the song, particularly the snowfall imagery. He also made sure to remind fans they are all worthy of love. 

Through his solo songs and the other releases with BTS, Jimin shows how flavored his voice can be. That coupled with his mesmerizing stage presence makes him one of the greatest performers today. As he and BTS continue to grow as artists and performers, ARMY can continue to expect great things. 

Happy birthday, Jimin!

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