On August 12, Korean R&B and hip-hop artist CHANHYUN released MUSE, a collaboration-packed five-track EP. The soloist, who is under SEL Records, debuted on January 16, 2021 with ANYMORE, featuring rapper BIGONE, and released his first full-length studio album The Reverse in May of the same year. Now, he is back with new music that showcases his easy-listening voice and songwriting talents.


The EP opens with “But,” an upbeat pop-rock-inspired song featuring Dive that was released in June. The track leans heavily into the recent wave of pop-rock and pop-punk influence in South Korean music. Its clear, uptempo snare drum comes straight out of the early 2000s, and its lyrics reflect the playful awkwardness of addressing your feelings towards someone.

Lead single “Shh,” featuring Leellamarz, is a groovy hip-hop track sprinkled with sounds of summer. Multitalented producer GRAY, who has worked with South Korean megastars like Jay Park, Hyolyn, Loco, and DPR LIVE, produced the song alongside both CHANHYUN and Leellamarz. The lyrics, written by the duo, tell the story of two lovers making it through another busy day. With a clean electronic instrumental, the song gives CHANHYUN and Leellamarz the chance to shine with their soft vocals and sharp rap. An array of simple sounds, which include a drum beat and short guitar riff, combine to create a drop you can’t help but bop your head to. 

Take you back,” the shortest song on the EP, is a slow-paced, R&B song that sounds the way late summer nights feel—quiet, intimate, and gone too soon. CHANHYUN explores his lower register towards the beginning of the song and transitions to a more passionate tone before it comes to an abrupt end.

CHANHYUN further dives into the R&B genre with “Away” and “Miss.” The former is another laid-back song with CHANHYUN’s vocals melting perfectly with featured artist Moai’s. The instrumental takes you to a summer getaway with its mesmerizing production and smooth vocals. “Miss,” on the other hand, ends the EP with a melancholic turn. In similar fashion to the title track “Shh,” “Miss” tells a tale from CHANHYUN’s perspective. The guitar-heavy track, which has clear rock influences, evokes wistfulness as CHANHYUN sings about wanting to meet someone again.

More from CHANHYUN

Following the release of his debut single in 2021, CHANHYUN shared in an interview that he is heavily involved in the production process for all of his music. His musical inspirations include boy groups that lean towards a hip-hop sound, such as Block B, BIGBANG, and BTS. CHANHYUN’s approach to creating music is open-minded and enthusiastic, a mindset he established prior to audition—and later debuting—in the idol industry.

Aside from his solo music, CHANHYUN is also known for his collaborations with KozyPop, a popular South Korean indie music channel that has amassed almost 390,000 YouTube subscribers and worked with K-pop idols like Yoojung from Weki Meki and Kei from Lovelyz. 

CHANHYUN’s new EP, MUSE, is available for streaming now. You can keep up with him on his Instagram.

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