Bulgari continues to strengthen its position in the Asian market. The jewelry brand recently made a buzz in Thailand reuniting high-profile names for the presentation of their high jewelry collection “Eden, The Garden Of Wonders.” At the event, the Italian luxury jeweler announced the appointment of Thai star Davika Hoorne as a House Friend for the South Asia Pacific region.

Who Is Davika?

Davika, fully known as Mai Davika Hoorne, is a Thai-Belgian actress and model known for her various series and films. The starlet started out her career as a model before jumping into the world of acting. During her time as a model, she became a “cult favorite” amongst insiders of the industry. She made her acting debut as a lead in the 2010 series Ngao Kammathep (Cupid’s Shadows)

Nowadays, the star is better known for her appearance in the horror film Pee Mak (2013) and the recent romance series Astrophile (2022) where she starred opposite Bright Vachirawit. Aside from a star-studded filmography, the actress is recognized as a style icon. Her social media is filled with photos of her dressed in the hottest new collections and jet-setting to attend the biggest fashion events

Davika x Bulgari

As a fashion VIP who has graced the front row of international fashion shows and is a fixture at local events, Davika was present at Bulgari’s “Eden The Garden of Wonders” presentation in Bangkok. For this special occasion, she donned a fully beaded tulle crop top paired with a matching full-length A-line skirt from Zuhair Murad’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. To top off the enchanting look, the star sported a Bulgari Serpenti Fruit Garden Necklace, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Regarding her appointment as Bulgari’s Friend for the South Asia Pacific, the actress shared her excitement via Instagram. “Tonight marks the beginning of a new journey for me. For such a long time, I’ve admired the iconic Bulgari brand, and tonight, my dreams are becoming a reality,” she wrote.

Eden, The Garden of Wonders

Bulgari’s latest collection “Eden, The Garden of Wonders” was previously unveiled at a two-day gala last summer in Paris. To showcase the collection to various global audiences, the brand is currently presenting its pieces in multiple cities around the globe. The most recent stop was Bangkok, Thailand.

The collection consists of 140 outstanding jewelry pieces, each representing a different wonder of the garden. Amongst these treasures, 30 of these pieces are an ode to the emerald, a gem that has always inspired Bulgari’s design and crafts. Some highlights from the collection include the Tribute to Paris necklace that pays homage to the Eiffel Tower’s silhouette; the Mediterranean Reverie necklace that features a 107.15 carat cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphire; and the signature array of Serpenti pieces including the Serpenti Spinel Embrace and Serpenti Ocean Treasure.

Focusing on a New Market

Bulgari is set on building its presence in Thailand, tapping into the unfailing interest the local market has towards its products. Earlier this year, in an interview with the Bangkok Post, Jeffrey Hang, Bulgari’s South Asia Pacific regional managing director stated, “Thailand has surpassed the recovery stage and is really on a trajectory now. We’re continuing to give what the market needs and to fuel the momentum.”

Before the pandemic, the brand focused on building relations with tourists who purchased pieces on their trips to Thailand. However, the pandemic has proven new insight for the brand due to the shift in consumer behavior. “Until the beginning of 2020, we were a tourist market and reliant on tourists. For many decades, there was an emphasis on the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans,” Jeffrey explained, “When COVID stopped the tourism, we came to see that local clients are just as eager to purchase. We have built on that to give more education and relationship building with locals.”

With a new focus on the Thai market, and a goal to build new connections in the region, it seems like the brand has big plans for the future. Now, with Davika by their side, we’re eager to see what comes next for Bulgari. 

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