DPR LIVE and DPR IAN Dream With Their Head In The Clouds

By: Samruddhi Harve

November 6 marked DPR IAN’s first solo performance at Head In The Clouds in Los Angeles. DPR IAN and DPR Live played a total of 14 songs including some of their hits “So Beautiful” and “To Myself,” featuring a special appearance by eaJ of DAY6

Diamond + and Pearls, Boom, and So Beautiful

The duo walked on stage in all-black ensembles to perform “Diamond + and Pearls.” Just a few seconds later, the crowd chanted “diamond, tea, pearls” from Shang-Chi’s soundtrack. The second performance was “Boom” by DPR Live featuring DPR IAN, treating the audience to the first-ever live performance of the song.

IAN performed his album, Moodswings In This Order—better known as MITO—starting with “So Beautiful.” While introducing the song he said, “I have a few words to describe this moment. This is so beautiful.” He visibly slipped into his MITO persona after performing “Boom” with DPR Live to fit his album.

Dope lovers, Jasmine, and Kiss Me

IAN played his love song “Dope Lovers,” which talks about love in different ways. DPR Live then kicked off one of his top singles, “Jasmine,” by saying “just wondering if there’s my Jasmine in the crowd.” He kept the streak going by diving into another hit “Kiss Me” which got the crowd roaring.

Scaredy Cat, Yellow Cab, and Text Me

IAN then performed his song “Scaredy Cat.” He said, “When I was a kid, I was terrified of a lot of things… They used to have a name for it. Back in school, they used to call me scaredy cat.” He ended the song with a laugh, saying, “I am not a scaredy cat anymore, just to let you guys know.” LIVE then switched the mood with “Yellow Cab.” a song from his latest EP. He came on stage in a new outfit, wearing a blue leather jacket, boasting the “Coming To You Live” tagline. The crowd went wild for the next song and rightfully so as it was DPR Live’s iconic “Text Me” track.

Jam & Butterfly, Nerves, and Hula Hoops

LIVE introduced his next song, “Jam & Butterfly” by expressing his disappointment by the featuring artists’—Crush and eaJ—absences. He teased that eaJ would be potentially coming out on stage with him and well, he did. Fans felt the sweetest high when eaJ came onstage wearing the “DPR For Every Child’‘ t-shirt along with DPR and Adidas’ collaboration sneakers, earning the title of “DPR eaJ” by LIVE. “He’s not eaJ, actually he’s a DPR eaJ,” LIVE said. 

The stage was then juxtaposed by DPR IAN’s “Nerves.” Ian came on stage with a new outfit, consisting of a sleeveless top, with “regime” on the back. He said to the crowd, “I wrote this song when I was going through one of my biggest heartbreaks.” He dedicated the song to all the “hopeless romantics.” DPR Live switched the energy again by playing his song “Hula Hoops,” featuring Beenzino and Hwasa

Martini Blue and To Myself

The next song needed no introduction. Live said, “For this next one, I’ll just get into it.” Needless to say, the crowd jammed to “Martini Blue,” another one of Live’s hits from his EP, HER. The duo walked off the stage but came back for an encore. In true DPR fashion, Live ended their set with “To Myself” with the entire team on stage with fans roaring their iconic tagline “DPR we gang gang.” DPR REM could also be seen jamming to the song with the duo.

In an interview with Amazon Music after their performance, the duo expressed their happiness to be on stage. Live said, “The energy got bigger, the love got bigger.” Ian said, “I was manifesting this moment for I don’t know how long… It was more than what I would’ve ever expected.” Ian also hinted at an upcoming album, saying “MITO is coming.”

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Thumbnail photo by Steven Rood, courtesy of 88rising & Goldenvoice.