Musician, DJ, and producer Tim Wu, also known as Elephante, has returned with the release of his latest single, “Down This Road (Hoang Remix).” The song is a part of his new album, Heavy Glow (Deluxe Edition), released just weeks ahead of his North American Tour. The artist has put a twist to his hit songs and collaborated with DJ Hoang for his lead single. Elephante is primarily known for his work with progressive and electro house, but his use of simple, clean notes in this album are notable in their contrast from his usual style.

Heading Down a Familiar Road

Fans of Elephante might remember the showcase of his musical ability in the original version of “Down This Road.” Sporadic camera shots showed Elephante expertly manning different instruments, from drums to the deep bass. It ushers in a moment to highlight the lyrics and create an electric connection with his listeners. This was a visual and vocal attestation of his range as an artist and his growth over the years. As part of the previous album Heavy Glow, the song also highlighted Elephante’s journey as a composer through the pandemic and discovery of his sense of self.

The original song is an encapsulation of all things signature to Elephante—versatility in composing music, diversity in lyrical expression, and the ability to connect through the nature of his music. 

DJ Hoang’s remix of “Down The Road” expertly highlights these very elements, including the resounding quality of Elephante’s voice while retaining the originality of the composition. Strong drum beats and additional layers of background vocals sweeten the buildup towards the chorus. The isolation of Elephante’s vocals in the latter half of the song works to accentuate the effect of his vocal delivery. Hoang provides a fresh and elevated take on the upbeat melody, without making it an overly complex remake.

In a Twitter post announcing the release of the new single, Elephante also confirmed Hoang’s participation in the upcoming tour.

DJ Hoang also teased the drop of the song and expressed his gratitude towards receiving this opportunity:

One Step Forward in the Journey

Four months after the release of Heavy Glow, his album with 88rising, Elephante has released acoustic versions of hits “High Water,” “Dopamine,” and “Holy Ghosts”. Though varying extremely in nature from his previous album, the acoustic performances can be seen as following the groundwork of some of the somber and optimistic tracks like “Departed” and “Light On”. The artist shared in a previous interview with EnVi the process of perfecting the songs on Heavy Glow. He spoke about the album as an extension of his personal experiences, hoping that listeners would be able to connect with the music. The simple and honest quality of these songs drives forward his words the best. 

It is the next step towards displaying a more pure, easy form of the upbeat and fast-paced songs of the album. Like the songs on Heavy Flow that range from upbeat to slow and stately, Elephante, too, has shown versatility in expressing himself.

Elephante’s forte with the piano completely transforms the once textured and easy-going rhythm of “High Water” to a slower, intimate feel, especially when coupled with the artist’s fervent vocals. The bold, upbeat “Dopamine” with its detailed sound work is rendered down to the delivery of its powerful lyrics, and “Holy Ghosts” features the kind of unrestrained vocal and acoustic play that is both affecting and impressive in its delivery and totals to a captivating musical piece.

The Upcoming Tour

As a multi-talented artist and constant innovator of music, Elephante has proven his ability to skillfully bring out independent components of songs and present them in a new way to appreciate and listen to – whether it be his lyrics, his ability to test different tunes, or just his refined play with keys. Interested listeners and fans can purchase tickets through his official website, Elephante Music.

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