The seven-member global girl group XG is just one of music’s latest phenomenons. Making waves with their third single “SHOOTING STAR,” the group has recently reached new heights. However, the success doesn’t stop there, since they are set to take the stage at 88rising’s Head In The Clouds festival on May 20-21 in New York. In addition to their music and performances, the group is also receiving praise for its daring, unique style. EnVi rounds up seven fashion and beauty moments from XG that took us to the stars!

Cocona’s Blue Brows and Matching Eyeshadow

To match the edgy energy of XG’s “SHOOTING STAR” music video, Cocona bursts onto the screen with a makeup look that is just as fierce as her rap lines. She appears with the signature Y2K eyeshadow combination of blue to white gradient glitter, paired with black winged liner to accentuate her naturally feline eyes. Her face is also decorated with rhinestones to attract brightness, while staying true to the aesthetic’s eye-catching quality. To top it all off, she dons a pair of bold, cobalt blue brows and tooth gems that spell the song title, completing the modern look that can only be described as Y2K reimagined. This edgy look is definitely a memorable one and Cocona wears it with ease, as she dances in the center among her members while tossing paper slips towards the camera.” — Mel Simmons, Beauty Intern

“LEFT RIGHT” Stage Outfits 

Uniform in vibrant blue latex contrasted by oversized hip-hop style denim, these performance outfits perfectly capture the essence of XG’s B-side, “LEFT RIGHT”. This is a ‘90s R&B style track with a futuristic feel and stage styling reminiscent of the futuristic Y2K aesthetic popularized by groups such as TLC back in the ‘90s. The choices of styling and music compliment each other, making this a stand out fashion moment from the era. Kaylani Addison, Lifestyle & E-Commerce Intern 

Harvey’s Curls 

During promotions of “SHOOTING STAR,” Harvey graced Instagram with dirty blonde hair and curly pigtails. Harvey sported a variety of different hairstyles that fit the theme of every stage. However, fans couldn’t get enough of Harvey’s hair. Part of what makes XG’s styling so fun is that each look is tailored to the personalities and charms of each member. This particular style on her is juxtaposed with a more boisterous outfit. It takes a departure from the Y2K themes within XG’s clothing, opting for a contemporary edge with a black, white, and silver chrome palette. And with just a tuft of hair framing her face, this one can be marked in the history books for XG.  — Ellie Forte, Formation Editor 

Hinata’s Knitwear

Hinata’s cute charms are undeniable in a striped knit jumper. Wearing her sign proudly, she can also be seen in a Gemini shirt. The outfit is casual yet refreshing, which has also been a signature characteristic for the members of XG. The color palette doesn’t adhere to the usual adventurous, colorful fun that XG has been known for; however Hinata combines this with hair pins in various bright shades. The outfit is paired with crochet ear muffs styled with a swirl accent. Ear muffs have been a popular choice for accessories as of late, making them the perfect final touch to Hinata’s knitwear outfit. Kaylani Addison,  Lifestyle & E-Commerce Intern and Ellie Forte, Formation Editor 

Jurin and Cocona’s Fur Hats and More Gems 

XG’s leader and youngest member showed off their bright, fluffy fur hats and their signature tooth gems on the group’s Twitter. They took the colorful gem trend to the next level for this stage, adding them to not only their teeth, but their noses and undereyes as well. The combination of fur hats and tooth gems showcase the group’s maximalist aesthetic, with highly saturated colors and an abundance of accessories that convey their playful yet bold concept. Kaylani Addison, Lifestyle & E-Commerce Intern

Maya, Chisa and Juria’s Undereye Blush Play

If you enjoy colorful eye makeup and are looking to elevate your look, take your cue from Maya, Chisa and Juria’s fun take on the popular undereye blush trend. The technique involves simply mixing blush with concealer underneath the eyes. The members took it a step further by adding chunky glitter, rhinestones, and going for a louder focus by overemphasizing the blush color. It not only gives a fresh and lively look, but also the opportunity to play with vibrant colors on the lower lash line, maximizing the color play by creating a visually cohesive look.Jasmine Nahta, Translator

Jurin’s Tamagotchi Belt 

Y2K has been taking over the scene, but this comeback has seen XG take the cake on early 2000s styling. The “LEFT RIGHT” music video is loaded with Y2K looks and references, but nothing is as fun as the addition of Tamagotchi toys to leader Jurin’s belt. Outfit-wise, the yellow and blue colors are a nice accent to the palette of the scene, popping out on top of her white pants. But beyond that, it’s a playful way to include actual Y2K items into the look, making it feel more genuine to the aesthetic. Also, it’s just plain cool. Hope the little guys are being well-fed, because they definitely elevated this look to iconic. Niamh Murphy, Creative Director

Image courtesy of XGALX / YouTube

While XG are certainly not the first Asian group to interpret Y2K fashion, they are certainly making their mark in the scene’s beauty and fashion trend cycle. Using the many charms of the members to tailor stage outfits, each look offers a fun moment and adds to the storytelling of the group. 

XG will be performing at 88rising’s Head In The Clouds festival on May 20-21 in New York. Read all about the all-hit 2023 lineup here.