Girl crush powerhouse EVERGLOW returned for the first time since December 2021 with “SLAY.” The title track is part of ALL MY GIRLS, a single album with three tracks. Released on August 18, the six-member girl group delve into themes of rebellion and confidence in their empowering new title track.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool

“SLAY” is an upbeat electronic hip-hop track including powerful chants and an addictive chorus. The lyrics express the girls’ desire to break out of the mold set by society’s expectations and discover their true selves. The song spotlights leader Sihyeon’s bright vocals on the bridge, singing, “I want time for the chance, my own pace / I want to go higher, fly away.” The accompanying music video for “SLAY” features eye-catching choreography and stunning visuals, exhibiting the distinct EVERGLOW girl crush aesthetic.

B-side Debrief

Oh Ma Ma God” follows EVERGLOW’s powerful title track with a soft R&B tune about falling in love. The mid-tempo song opens with the girls expressing their attraction and yearning for the feeling to be mutual. The chorus drops with dreamy instrumentals as the lyrics compare their feelings to being “high up in the clouds.”

Closing out the single album, “Make Me Feel” follows the struggle of uncertainty when falling hard in love. Although afraid of losing the one they love, the lyrics focus on the irresistible emotions felt in the presence of each other. Main vocalist Mia’s smooth vocals are highlighted in the chorus as she sings, “You make me feel for something real.”

Slay Every Day

FOREVER, EVERGLOW’s fanbase, look forward to their comeback as EVERGLOW perform new original music for the first time since 2021. Recently, EVERGLOW slayed the stage in front of fans and spectators at KCON LA 2023 on August 20.

EVERGLOW’s fourth single album, ALL MY GIRLS, is available to listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube for the latest updates!

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