Five months after the finale of Mnet’s idol survival show BOYS PLANET, project boy group EVNNE have finally made their highly anticipated debut on Sept. 19. Their first mini album titled Target: Me is composed of six fresh songs embodying both riotous and gentle concepts. The septet jumpstarted K-pop’s fall season with some “TROUBLE,” their lead single.

Our Evening’s Newest Étoiles

Recognized for their talent and global popularity through Mnet’s idol survival show BOYS PLANET, the seven members unite once more and debut as EVNNE. Managed under Jellyfish Entertainment, the project boy group includes Rain Company artist and Ciipher member KEITA, WAKEONE trainees PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, MUN JUNGHYUN, PARK JIHOO, and Yue Hua Entertainment trainees YOO SEUNGEON and JI YUNSEO.

As stated in a press release, the group name EVNNE (which stands for “Evening’s Newest Étoiles’) “represents the members’ wishes to shine higher and brighter than anybody else and to have all eyes on them.” Standing on the stage once more, EVNNE pose themselves as the target of people’s attention. 

Without Restraint, EVNNE Brings Trouble

On Sept. 19, EVNNE made their debut with their title track “TROUBLE,” presenting a music video with colorful visuals and enthusiastic energy. EVNNE display bright neon colors through the members’ varying outfits and fashion styles. From head to toe, EVNNE members wear coordinated fluorescent colors. Wearing neon pink and yellow in the first half of the song to wearing a diverse array of helium and krypton color combinations, EVNNE bear techwear in varying fashion styles. Adopting a Baltimore club vibe, “TROUBLE” represents EVNNE’s resolve to enjoy their spirited debut, while taking another step toward their goals.

The song immediately starts off with a bang, not only visually showing off the members’ intense personas but also declaring their intent to aim for the top. Throughout the video, EVNNE members show their rebellious sides, charismatically exhibiting their individuality by way of performance. With the song’s strong beat drops and resonating deep bass, “TROUBLE” hooks listeners with its alluring chorus and lively choreography. Doubled with the music video’s contrasting backdrops and wild acts of spray painting and bike riding, EVNNE create a balanced display of visuals.

In the midst of the chorus, EVNNE give center stage to the members’ powerful “squeeze and pop” arm motions. An addicting key point of EVNNE’s choreography is paired with a stimulating beat drop. With lyrics such as “Here we go up above it / Top of the top, that’s where we’re aiming for,” the song makes it known of EVNNE’s strong desire to be listeners’ target and shine brightly amongst all. During their press conference, EVNNE stated they were aiming for a “powerful rebels who want to change the world” concept through “TROUBLE.”

Even More Tracks

From their charismatic and glamorous concept to their youthful and boyish concept, EVNNE showcase their flexibility in harmonious contrasts through their first mini-album Target: ME. EVNNE’s EP embodies the group’s energy and members’ ambition, showing off their various charms and talents through Target: Me.

Target: Me contains five B-side tracks, two of which fellow members, JI YUNSEO, LEE JEONGHYEON, KEITA, and JI YUNSEO contributed to writing. EVNNE stick to hip-hop with their first B-side track “Role Model.” Through this reimagined West Coast hip-hop sound, the members sing about the passion idols have for becoming one another’s role models. Continuing to follow the hip-hop vibe, but portraying a more endearing message, “Pretty Thing” is a synth-based song that describes falling in love at first sight. Switching up the track’s ambience while still embracing a sweet theme, “Your Text” explores the hopeful feeling one gets when waiting to hear back from someone you love with its groovy R&B mood and quality. 

Written by members JI YUNSEO and LEE JEONGHYEON, “JUKEBOX” stands as the fourth B-side track on the mini album. It is a song which sends an encouraging message about enjoying the moment, especially during times of struggle. Closing off the album with a fan song written by fellow members KEITA and JI YUNSEO, “Even more” conveys EVNNE’s wish to engrave every moment spent together into their hearts.

K-pop’s Up-and-Coming Role Models

Target: Me not only encases EVNNE’s charisma and vigor but also their motive to attain listeners’ undivided attention and make EVNNE the target of public desires. In the groups first album, listeners can clearly witness EVNNE’s passion for music and connecting with fellow listeners.

Undoubtedly, EVNNE’s debut showcased the members’ individuality through both music flexibility and intense stage presence. This is only the beginning of EVNNE’s journey, and with a rousing debut and rhythmic compilation of tracks listeners can only prepare for what the septet has to show for the future of K-pop.

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