FIFTY FIFTY are back with their new single “Cupid” on February 24! The quartet, which consists of Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran, released their second single album, The Beginning: Cupid, which retains the charm from their debut EP THE FIFTY yet introduces a new side of the group. A music video for the track was released ahead of the digital single on February 23, 10 p.m. KST.

A Second Chance to Cupid

In “Cupid,” FIFTY FIFTY sing of breaking out of their innocence and their budding passion. They confidently step out of their shells, no longer dependent on the mythical figure for romantic love. Further, as the single album is called The Beginning: Cupid, “Cupid” serves as a prequel to the group’s musical lore. With the track inspired by disco and chanson (classical French ballad) — complete with a key change typical of many songs in the genre — FIFTY FIFTY show their charming and fun side.

Complementing the track’s visuals are the teaser images and music video, where the FIFTY FIFTY members sport white and light blue outfits while surrounded by flowers. The quartet also poses in black-and-white sets that evoke balletcore, a fashion trend on the rise. Aside from the graceful and floral visuals, the members show their youthful flair in casual outfits — as seen in the music video — before opting for a grander look.


The name “FIFTY FIFTY” represents a 50% chance of reality and a 50% chance of dreams. And if the group is 50 as the fans are 50, it conveys the hope of becoming a complete sum of 100 together. With the name, the girl group hopes to showcase their journey from their hardships in reality to achieving their fantastical dreams. As label ATTRAKT’s first artist, FIFTY FIFTY impressed K-pop fans online when they released “Lovin’ Me” on November 14, 2022. The EDM track gained love for its nostalgic beat and the members’ strong vocals. In just six days, the music video gained 200,000 YouTube views. The following day, they released a performance video of “Log in,” a fierce hip-hop track that boasted the quartet’s dancing skills.

On November 18, FIFTY FIFTY officially debuted with “Higher.” The feel-good pop track comes with a music video packed with bright utopias reminiscent of early 2000s filmography. Alongside the previously-released tracks, THE FIFTY also had “Tell Me,” a cheeky-yet-romantic song infused with ’80s city pop. Combined, the music videos for all four songs have gained more than 3.6 million views on YouTube as of February 2023.

50% Reality, 50% Dreams, 100% Love

Since their debut, FIFTY FIFTY have received love from many, including critics. Last year, the Korean music critic magazine IZM gave THE FIFTY 4.5 out of 5 stars — the highest among the girl groups they have rated. Rolling Stone India also listed FIFTY FIFTY’s “Higher” among the top 10 best K-pop debuts in 2022.

FIFTY FIFTY are set to promote “Cupid” in music shows, including Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN (where they first performed the song on February 23) and MBC’s Show! Music Core. Look forward to their activities by following them on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and subscribing to their YouTube channel!

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