TY Track is here! NCT’s Taeyong launched his own YouTube channel on March 15 with the release of a new song, “Lonely.” The channel comes a day after he announced the exciting project in a video on his Instagram in both Korean and English. This comes off the heels of his SoundCloud account’s one year anniversary.


Lonely” is the latest addition to Taeyong’s collection of self-composed and self-written songs. Co-produced by Royal Dive, the song amassed over 400K views and 149K likes in five hours. The project features soloist, SURAN, and is choreographed by frequent Taeyong collaborator, Bada Lee, who also worked with him on the viral choreography for “ZOO.” 

Reminiscent of a dream, the upbeat performance video and melody juxtaposes the darker lyrics of the song. The lyrics tell a somber tale of loneliness, heard when SURAN delicately sings “Somebody help me, I’m so Lonely.” The music video is set in a sunlit bedroom with a sleeping Taeyong. He wakes up to his smiling friends, playfully throwing clothes at him. 

Taeyong starts off the video with an intricate dance, frequently incorporating tutting—also seen in his “Paris In The Rain” and “Mona Lisa” freestyles—showing skills in isolations in his dance. He is joined by dancers including Bengal Park, Kim Taeyoung, Lee Hyeonik, and Trandee Rock. Throughout the video, Taeyong shows that even through loneliness, people can present pure joy. 


This is Taeyong’s first solo track in eight months and fans are always looking for opportunities to share his new projects.


This new channel opens the door to Taeyong’s life in a way fans have never seen before. Through personal vlogs and music releases, Taeyong continues to connect further with his fans. He started last year off with a fun Instagram page before dropping a SoundCloud account with his music. And as 2022 gears up to be another year of success for him, we can’t help but wonder what comes next?

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