Jennie of BLACKPINK is the star of the latest Jacquemus campaign. The brand released the singer’s pup-filled photoshoot promoting the “GUIRLANDE” Holiday Collection on December 12. In a series of festive images that celebrate the holiday, Jennie evokes nostalgic feelings of simple winter days.


With a cozy setting and alongside several dogs, Jennie models the “GUIRLANDE” collection in still images uploaded to Jacquemus’ Instagram. The campaign centers on collection items, which the idol honors with ease. Along with other “GUIRLANDE” items, popular Jacquemus pieces such as La maille Pavane sweater, Le bandeau Pilou top and La jupe Pilou mini skirt set take center stage in the shoot.

The “GUIRLANDE” collection is an ode to festivity. Guirlande (French for garland) refers to the ring-shaped ornament traditionally used for decoration during the winter holidays. Leaving aside the flamboyant bright colors of Jacquemus’ past launches, the new holiday collection continues the poetic maturation started in “Le Papier.” “GUIRLANDE” is dominated by black, white, various hues of beige, and the official colors of Christmas: forest green and cherry red.

Fittingly for a winter release, the collection was constructed with a range of cold-proof fabrics. Ample knitwear, leather pieces and shearling details meet at the intersection of upscale fashion and winter-appropriate comfort. These new textures refresh the familiar silhouettes of items such as Le cardigan Jacquemus cropped cardigan, La robe fiesta mini dress and Le chiquito moyen doux purse. On the other hand, pieces such as Le haut torsades sleeveless top, Le jupe torsades mini skirt set and Le manteau long Pilou coat are welcome Jacquemus newcomers. 

The metallic textures showcased in La Chapka, Le Bisou perle, and Les mules plates Ballet, among other pieces, tie together the guirlande theme. With a sprinkling of home goods and accessories included, “GUIRLANDE” is a holistic transition into the winter holidays.

Le cardigan Jacquemus
Le Chiquito moyen doux
Le Bisou perle
Les mules plates Ballet


Jennie’s first Jacquemus campaign follows up a series of cameos and front-row appearances at the brand’s shows throughout the years. The Korean star maintains a close relationship with Jacquemus’ founder Simon Porte Jacquemus. Both have been captured chatting and partying together at different events. 

The “Solo” singer has also attended “Le Splash” show in Hawai’i and “Le Raphia” collection unveiling in Paris. But her ties to Jacquemus are not limited to events. Jennie is, in fact, a fan of the brand’s designs and keeps Jacquemus pieces in her regular closet rotation.

Now, Jennie is taking another step into this association, starring in the French brand’s holiday campaign. 

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