Jin Takes Listeners on a Journey With “The Astronaut”

By: Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Ramos
Jin The Astronaut
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BTS has solidified their legacy over the past nine years. From being the first two-time Grammy-nominated South Korean boy group to delivering a speech at the United Nations in 2021, the group has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. In June, the seven-member group announced they would venture into a new chapter in their careers, working on their solo artistry, starting with J-hope’s album Jack In The Box. This time, however, the chosen one is none other than the group’s oldest member Jin with the single “The Astronaut.”

Released on October 28, “The Astronaut” explores the idea of finding love and comfort outside of your home. The track is a collaboration between the singer and the world-renowned British band Coldplay, who composed and wrote the record alongside Jin. 

This collaboration between the two artists was teased by Jin earlier this month at BTS’ concert in Busan, “I have a new single coming out,” he told the crowd, “I was able to collaborate with someone I really adore.” 

“The Astronaut”

With a release that seems more than just music, Jin dives into the concept of people who shouldn’t be together but find their way back to each other with “The Astronaut.” With an upbeat drum sound mixed with a guitar rhythm, the pop ballad exhibits the classic Coldplay sound from their latest album, Music Of The Spheres, adding the distinct tone of Jin’s honey-like vocals. The lyrics, which are dedicated to BTS fans, ARMY, are an anthem of romanticism, alluding to the feeling lost, lonely, and without a destination, yet discovering comfort as well as appreciation with people you consider family and home. Instead of farewell, the melancholic track seems like a reassurance that no matter the outcome, their connection stays the same. “When I’m with you There is no one else / A life, a sparkle in your eyes / Heaven comin’ through,” Jin sings. 

Just like in his solo song “Moon” from BTS’ album, Map Of The Soul: 7, where Jin describes himself as the moon, orbiting around the earth, who he refers to as ARMY. In “The Astronaut,” the singer continues to use the theme of planets and the universe to display his affection for his fans. This time he portrays himself as an astronaut whose home is his loved ones.  The moments spent together with the loved ones take away the darkness and turn the hardships into precious memories, “ You were shinin’ towards me / The only light found in the darkness / On my path to you.” 

True to its title, in the music video for “The Astronaut” Jin plays the role of an astronaut from another galaxy who crash-landed on earth. Once he notices he might need to return home, he learns that home is not a place but the people you surround yourself with and the ones you love. Throughout the video, Jin finds himself on a journey, doubting whether he should stay on earth or go back, but utterly deciding to continue in his newfound home. 

Chris Martin also made a special appearance in the video as a reporter who delivered the exclusive news of a mysterious beam of light spotted on earth.  

A Collaboration With Perfect Synergy 

One of the most exciting parts of being a musician is getting the chance to work with artists you respect and admire, and that is exactly what happened with “The Astronaut.” Nonetheless, this remarkable synergy between Jin and Coldplay goes way back. The two have shown immense support for each other after “My Universe,” a collaboration track between BTS and Coldplay released back in September 2021. Both groups performed the record for the first time at the American Music Awards in November, and later on Chris Martin, Coldplay’s vocalist made a surprise appearance at BTS’ “Permission To Dance” concert in Los Angeles. 

After “My Universe,” both artists have shown a strong relationship with each other, so it does not come as a surprise that Chris Martin offered “The Astronaut” to Jin as a gift, nor does Coldplay inviting Jin to perform the track for the first time at Coldplay’s concert, “Music Of The Spheres,” in Argentina on October 28. 

On a Journey With Jin

With the release of “The Astronaut,” Jin has proven to be an artist who is not afraid to showcase new aspects of his journey as an artist. The single has a clear message about pursuing what you desire and searching for a destination, how those things can coexist while also finding happiness amidst it all. “The Astronaut,” continues to explore Jin’s versatility and storytelling, crafting a story that is heroic, consuming, and introspective. 

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