Red Velvet’s Joy (Park Sooyoung) returns to acting after 3 years—accepting the casting offer for the new JTBC series, Only One Person (2021). In April, rumors buzzed that Joy had received a casting offer for the drama but was still reviewing the role. The rumors drew attention as this would be the first drama Joy has participated in since her 2018 series, Tempted. Joy has previously expressed to fans that she desires to take on character roles different from anything she’s ever done.


A Different Side

On June 10, 2021, SM Entertainment reported that Joy would be gracing the small screen as a part of the main cast, playing Sung Mi-Do, a famous terminally ill social media influencer. Her character will battle the complex emotions that are sure to run rampant with death looming ahead of her star-studded life and her entanglement with a murder case. Joy mentioned in Hoody’s Home Dining Ep. 5 that she hopes to break the stereotypes of her character. While preparing for the role, Joy focused on the emotions and her imagination so she could depict the various parts of Mi-Do. Viewers will have a chance to see Joy’s transformation in a new role.

Only One Person (2021) is a romance melodrama focusing on the love story of the leads Pyo In-Sook played by Anh Eun-Jin and Jo Shi-Young played by Park Sunghoon. Pyo In-Sook is a lonely woman who has never felt like she fit in anywhere. She lives spontaneously even after her diagnosis that she doesn’t have much time left to live. She decides to take it upon herself to kill just one person – a bad guy, since she’ll die anyway and won’t have to face the consequences. By chance, she’ll meet the cynical Jo Shi-Young, a police lieutenant from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.


Expected Premiere Date

Director Oh Hyun-Jong, who has worked on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016) and Find Me in Your Memory (2020), will be helming this project. He’ll be accompanied by screenwriter Moon Jung-Min who recently penned Matrimonial Chaos (2018). Production has barely begun for the drama as they finalize details and casting for the series. Filming is anticipated to start in the latter half of the summer, around July, and is speculated to hit the air in December.

Since her well-received solo debut with the mini album Hello, Joy has been booked and busy. Joy has become a well-rounded entertainer balancing numerous opportunities between singing and acting. Reveluvs can look forward to the growth of actress Park Sooyoung, seeing a new side to her on-screen soon.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.