LIGHTSUM Cements Their Sound with Second Single, Light a Wish

By: Vanessa

After four months, the rookie K-pop girl group, LIGHTSUM, is back with their second single album, Light a Wish. The album contains three tracks, including the title track, “VIVACE,” and b-sides, “You, jam” and “Popcorn.” Released on October 13, LIGHTSUM’s album continues to show off the group’s growth as artists as well as their upbeat sound. 


LIGHTSUM is an eight-member girl group that debuted on June 10, 2021 under Cube Entertainment. The girl group exceeded expectations with their powerful debut, selling over 19,000 copies with their first ever single, “Vanilla.” With those sales, LIGHTSUM broke the record for highest first-week sales among girl groups that debuted in 2021. They also ranked eighth on the World Digital Song Sales Chart.

LIGHTSUM made an impact with their debut, and a bright future awaits them in the wake of their second single album. 

Light a Wish

Talk of a potential comeback began when the girl group’s Twitter tweeted a teaser image containing nothing but a music sheet with a single measure of notes on it.

Confirmation of the group’s comeback came the following day when the group tweeted that Light a Wish was set to release on October 13.

The overall sound of the album is bright and pop-heavy, further cementing the direction the eight-member group is taking their sound. 

The second track, “You, jam,” shows the group’s versatility, with a track that stands out from their blooming discography. “You, jam” is an EDM take on disco, adding a modern spin on the 70s genre that is reminiscent of Daft Punk’s style. 

Popcorn,” the final track, is a beachy pop track that perfectly wraps up the album by leaving it on a high note. It features a video game-esque feel with a heavy electronic beat that gives the listener a burst of energy, much like popcorn.


The title track is named “VIVACE,” which means “lively” in Italian, and the song skillfully conveys this feeling. The track opens with a bright and whimsical beat that is reminiscent of the sound they created for themselves with their debut song, “Vanilla.” 

“VIVACE” allows the members to showcase their gentle but powerful vocals on this cheerful track. LIGHTSUM sings about wanting to be awakened from their dull dream by their lover. In the chorus, they sing about dancing in a shining world if their lover would just confess to them, so they can live freely. 

The melody matches the progression of the lyrics seamlessly. As the members sing about their dreams, there is a soft twinkling that can be heard in the background. This shows off that dreamlike state that they sing about. Though once they move onto the chorus, the beat becomes much more lively and loud, giving the vibe of that vivid world in the lyrics.

That bright world they describe in their song can be seen in the music video as the girls dance and sing on a set full of vibrant colors. 

The music video continues to push that lively feel and cheery concept they created for themselves since debut, with LIGHTSUM stepping into the concepts that suit them as they find their own unique color.

Fan Reactions 

Once the album and music video dropped, SUMIT, the girl group’s fandom, took to Twitter to share their excitement for their idols’ newest release.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Cube Entertainment.