Not a day goes back without BLACKPINK’s Lisa making headlines. On April 15, Harper’s Bazaar Thailand exclusively hinted at the Thai stars’ debut as a solo act. Since then Lisa’s highly anticipated solo debut has caused great speculation. Following the official announcement of a release date and details about the artist’s new record, YG Entertainment has unveiled a visual teaser for the self-titled album LALISA.


Goddess of Thunder

Styled in a paisley motif red body and long braided pigtails, the youngest member of BLACKPINK, stunned fans with a visually enticing preview of her upcoming work. The video clip showed the songstress posing confidently amid thunder and lighting. The 27-second teaser might not offer a clear clue of what Lisa’s single will sound like, but undoubtedly depicts the “confidence, pride, and love for herself,” she wanted to showcase on her solo debut. 


Lisa’s Fan Legion 

The teaser amassed impressive numbers in record time and had fans trending her name across social media platforms. Lisa’s loyal legion of fans couldn’t contain their excitement and took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the video teaser.

However, as expected from a pop culture icon like Lisa, fans were not the only ones to react. Publications, celebrities, and industry professionals joined to express their anticipation and support Lisa’s much-awaited debut.


Breaking Records

Considered a Modern-Day Fashion Maven, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has become one of the biggest stars in the world. It is no surprise, that her first solo venture in the music industry has captured a great deal of attention. On the first day of pre-orders LALISA already broke records, making Lisa the female singer with the highest number of pre-orders in Ktown4u’s history. 

As stated by YG Entertainment, Lisa’s solo record will “demonstrate her new talents and capabilities,” so fans have a lot to look forward to. Lisa’s first single album will be available in three different versions, all personally designed by the idol and it is scheduled to drop on September 10. Don’t miss out on our coverage of LALISA then. 


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Thumbnail courtesy of YG Entertainment.