Lucas Becomes The Face of Luxury Beauty House Guerlain

By: Taylor Louise
Lucas Guerlain

WayV’s Wong Yuk-hei, better known as Lucas, has quickly become a high-demand celebrity for brands to collaborate with. His career has been packed with appearances for fashion houses such as Gucci, Fendi, and Burberry, with other apparences for cosmetic companies such as Pantene and Carslan. Now, Lucas is diving further into the world of luxury beauty with his new campaign for Paris based brand, Guerlain. 


Sweet Like Honey

Guerlain Paris shared the news with their audience and Lucas’s fans via Wiebo, revealing the latest campaign images of Lucas, with the product soon to be released, as an opening ad for the media site.


Pictured with their most current product, the Golden Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil, the photos focus on capturing Lucas’s youthful and plump skin. The accompanying video captures his alluring charm, through a variety of differently angled shots, winning the audience over and enticing them.

Lucas’s role as ambassador means he will be promoting Guerlain’s new third-generation skincare product. The product aims to repair skin nine times faster than its previous counterparts, and gives a plumper, smoother, and more radiant appearance. The oil is said to contain “95% naturally derived ingredients,” including Black Bee Honey and exclusive royal jelly, which is where the inspiration for Lucas’s campaign arose. 

Both the advertisement video and images center around the warm golden tones found in honey, being reflected in the products packaging, set design, warm lighting and Lucas’  famous luminous skin. Making him the perfect candidate for such a campaign. 


Fan Frenzie 

Matching the golden honey set, Lucas is seen with glowing skin and a perfect complexion. Fans fell in love all over again, taking to social media to praise him on yet another brand deal and sharing their initial reactions, including predictions of the product being sold out!


Others shared the news with fans, spreading the ad with translated captions, bringing more attention to his international success. 


WayZeNi, SuperM supporters, and NCTzens alike gifted Lucas with his own hashtag, dedicated to the collaboration- #LUCASxGuerlainParis #GuerlainAmbassadorLucas

With many similar accomplishments under his belt, it is clear Lucas is on the rise in the beauty world and it’s possible that parallel collaborations may occur in the future for him. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of Guerlain Paris.

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