After only four months since the release of their second full-length English album, The Dreaming, Starship Entertainment’s boy group, MONSTA X is back. On April 26, MONSTA X released their mini-album SHAPE of LOVE. The group’s latest release contains six tracks composed by various members, including the title track, “LOVE.” The mini-album is dynamic and explores various depictions of love.

What Do You Think “LOVE” Is?

The group’s main rapper, Joohoney, partook in the composition and arrangement of the title track as well as lyric writing with fellow member I.M. “LOVE” is a sweet 90s-inspired track with pop influences. The deep bass clef of the piano and a groovy bassline are the stars of the instrumentals as the group sings about a past lover they will never forget and will continue to remain the object of their affections.

The music video begins with member Hyungwon asking, “What do you think love is?” before the addictive bass riff begins. The group appears adorned in 90s fashion-inspired outfits that perfectly complement the song’s vibe. The buildup to the cool chorus is perfectly mirrored by the opulent hall the boys dance in and equally luxurious outfits. The feeling of being unable to let go of someone who made love what it is for you was expressed through the stunning visuals of burning roses, gorgeous suits, glittering stages, and more.

The SHAPE of LOVE is Complex

The second track of the album, a high-energy pop-club song, “Burning Up,” is composed and written by member, Hyungwon, featuring Moroccan-Dutch DJ R3HAB. “Burning Up” is a great follow-up to “LOVE,” keeping up the high energy with its ecstatic beat and colorful vocals. The members passionately sing about feeling so strongly about their lover that they are burning. The deep and sultry vocals of the verses lead up to an explosive chorus, tastefully, as the group proclaims that “I’m burning up / You set my fire, I’m hopeless / All I need is your love.”

Following up is “Breathe,” the song continuing to maintain the high energy of the album. It shows the more upbeat side of the group with its flashy and brass-heavy beat. The group sings about feeling overwhelmed by the feeling of love that they need to take a deep breath to calm down. This motif is masterfully expressed through the shuddering breaths heard throughout the track but most notably at the end.

Composed and written by members Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, “Wildfire” completely changes the pace of the album. The ominous track showcases the group’s powerful and darker rap styles complemented by the haunting vocals of the group’s singers as they sing about the less attractive aspect of love. The unsettling hip-hop-inspired beat seamlessly complements the message of an all-consuming and toxic love when the group states, “Inside this room, I found my doom / You pulled me in like a rip-tide, this love is sick, and it spreads like Wildfire.”

Flipping back to the group’s softer side, “사랑한다” is a feel-good pop track masterfully showcasing the group’s vocalists. Composed by Joohoney and written by him and I.M, the track truly conveys the intense and giddy feelings associated with falling in love with its bright chorus, whimsical instrumental, and the members proclaiming their love boldly. 

The final track, “AND,” wraps the album up on a more somber note. Composed, written, and arranged by the group’s youngest member, I.M, “AND” is characteristic of the sound the rapper has defined for himself with his solo project. The nostalgic instrumental is accompanied by the desperate vocals of the group as they remember the intense feelings they felt for their lover and want their lover to stay. The track is closed by rapper I.M crying out, “I sincerely pray that you don’t forget me,” ending the album with a heartbreaking sense of longing. 

Connect With MONSTA X

With back-to-back album releases and an upcoming world tour, MONSTA X has proven, yet again, why they are one of K-pop’s top acts. Keep up with the group and their upcoming promotions for SHAPE of LOVE by following them on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

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