Over the last couple of weeks, the members of NCT 127 have proved their undying dedication to music. Leading up to their return, the nine members of the group have shared varied content that includes their own college-themed sitcom and previews of their new songs. Now, with their comeback date fast approaching, the group has finally unveiled a first look at the music video of “STICKER.”


Neon Cowboys

On September 15, after weeks of building anticipation for their comeback, NCT 127 released a video teaser of their new material. Through varied scenes stitched together, NCT 127 offered a sight to behold and showcased a cowboy-inspired concept. The 22-second video captures the unrivaled charisma of the nine-member act, soundtracked by EDM and catchy flute sounds. 


The short clip is a reinterpretation of the Western movie genre and highlights a never-explored-before thematic in NCT 127’s lore. Though the reveal of the teaser caused havoc among fans, the concept had been previously hinted at during a VLIVE broadcast. In one of the segments, the members played a relay drawing game with the task of presenting cues of their upcoming music video. The group drew what appeared to be a “cowboy,” next to a green vehicle. Later, Yuta teased fans and caused his fellow members to laugh nervously by sharing that one film set had a cowboy-themed.



​​Igniting Fans’ Excitement

As one of the most awaited comebacks of the season, attention has been centered around NCT 127’s activities. Needless to say, the clip dominated the online conversation and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. After months without promotions from the unit, fans were overjoyed with the clip.


Despite the short duration of the video, NCTzens have already picked their favorite moments. Comprising essential elements of the Western genre like guns, ropes, and a wardrobe bestowing of a movie, the video is a feast for the eyes. From Taeil’s fringed jacket to Yuta’s rope tugging, the teaser has undoubtedly ignited millions of emotions among fans. 



It is Mark’s gunplay, however, that offers arguably the most memorable moment. Fans couldn’t help but swoon as he delivered yet another iconic line in the preview of “STICKER.” 

Coming from a fandom as creative as NCT’s,  edits and fan-made videos also flooded Twitter, flaunting NCTzens’ unrivaled humor.

What To Expect

NCT 127’s forthcoming album has proved to be one of the most awaited returns in the Korean music scene. Racking up more than 1.32 million pre-orders within a day, the group broke its previous records and fixed its place as one of the leading acts in K-pop. NCT 127’s third full album contains 11 tracks that highlight the group’s unique performances and musical style.

The hype surrounding NCT 127’s comeback is not fading anytime soon. Fans can look forward to the group’s first performance of “STICKER,” on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Set to be aired on September 17 at 12:37 AM EST, NCT 127 will kick off their promotions on the American show. The group will also hold a Comeback Show on SBS MTV, on September 18 (EST time).


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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.