Already owning music charts with their single “Save,” in collaboration with Amoeba Culture, the members NCT 127, don’t make it to the headlines only for their music. Armed with “skills and charm” and known for their multifaceted careers, they’ve also gathered attention as actors and models. Proving this versatility, Doyoung and Jungwoo were selected as the cover stars of @star1 Magazine’s July edition.



Upon releasing new music in Korea for the first time in “more than a year,” the members of the Seoul-based NCT subunit were invited to a colorful pictorial where they flaunted their incredible chemistry. In addition to going full-on yellow and matching outfits, Doyoung and Jungwoo were praised during the photoshoot for “skillfully digesting” the concept and delivering fun poses. 



A Gift For Fans

In the cover story, the “Kim Brothers”as they’ve been affectionately dubbed by fansalso reflected on returning to the music scene with the digital single “Save” and expressed their gratitude towards fans. “We wanted to show a mature and progressive image as we came back after a long time. We hope [Save] becomes a song that is like a gift to the fans,” they said.

“Save” which has been featured in Samsung Memory’s campaign “SAVE All The Progress,” recently made it to the World Digital Song Sales chart, debuting at No.8 and becoming the twelfth single of the band to reach the chart’s Top 10.



Future Activities

Apart from wooing fans and surprising the staff of @star1 Magazine with their professionalism, Doyoung and Jungwoo spoke about the activities they would like to do in the future. Stressing their strong bond and close friendship, Jungwoo expressed his interest in variety shows as well as filming content like vlogs and restaurant tours. “As long as I can show a strong chemistry with Doyoung, I would like to try anything together,” he said. Meanwhile, Doyoung spoke about music activities. “I like Jungwoo’s vocal tone. We both want to do music that can clearly show our tone,” he told the magazine.  

Doyoung and Jungwoo have previously displayed their strong bond through photoshoots, vlogs, live videos, and behind-the-scenes footage, so fans will surely be on the lookout for the “Kim Brothers” future endeavors. 



Doyoung’s Acting Debut 

As we’ve previously reported, 2021 has been a busy year for Doyoung. Other than showcasing his talent on the small screen through the fantasy drama Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker, Doyoung will make his debut as a musical actor next month. Taking the role of Axel von Fersen, Doyoung is scheduled to perform in the musical Marie Antoinette, along with seasoned singers and actors.  


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Regarding this acting challenge, Doyoung said “There are many things to learn because only excellent people are gathered. It gave me the opportunity to cherish the preparation process we had together.” 


NCT 127’s 10th Anniversary

Although NCT 127 has not celebrated its fifth anniversary yet, Doyoung and Jungwoo also expressed their wish to build a lasting career and become a group that’s loyal to each other “even” on its tenth anniversary.


NCTzens’ Reactions

After the preview pictures hit the internet, NCT fans left comments on social media praising the duo’s chemistry and gushing about their friendship.



Other fans took to Twitter to recap Doyoung and Jungwoo’s recent fashion feats and their evolution as models.


A full interview and additional pictures of the “Kim Brothers”  will be available in the July Issue of @star1 Magazine, available on June 25.

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