NCT Dream Show New Colors In “Dreamverse” Track Music Video For “Rainbow”

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NCT Dream Rainbow
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By: Mafe Ramos | @mafeerpaulo & Noor Haddad | @Noor_Haddad_


On Thursday, May 6 At 12 KST NCT Dream released the second chapter of the “DREAMVERSE” teasers, “The Thing I Cherish,” a short track video for the R&B Pop song, “Rainbow,” from their upcoming album (Hot Sauce).

Following “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 1,”  “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 2” begins with a scene of Jaemin, Jeno, Haechan, and Chenle discussing the new menu for the cafe. Renjun came in and dropped the cup of coffee he was holding, and all of them gathered to pick up the pieces. The scene changes to Haechan waking up and realizing that was a dream. Next to him, Jeno and Chenle tried to blow Jisung’s candle. After Mark enters the room and finally blows out the candle, the group departs. The scene closes with Jisung staring at the blown candle, and the music for “Rainbow” begins. Through the end of the video, the members hang out at a park at night, surrounded by colorful lights.

With the release of the second chapter, fans could not hold in their excitement. 


Chenle trends on Twitter in Korea

After the music video was released, Chenle’s vocals in “Rainbow” captured the hearts of the fans, making “Chenle Voice” trend on Twitter in Korea. 


Fan Reactions 

Fans expressed their love and support for the song and music video. 


…and did not miss the opportunity to share funny reactions. 




Some fans reminisced about NCT Dream’s past concepts after seeing the music video. 



The Storyline

NCTzens attempted to connect the dots between “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 1 The Love Triangle” and  “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 2 The Thing I Cherish.”


The next, and final, chapter of the “DREAMVERSE” trilogy is scheduled for Friday, May 7th at 12 AM KST. And fans cannot wait to find out how “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 3” will connect with the rest of the story. 

What do you think the conclusion will be?

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