If anyone can pull off a funky summer concept, it’s NCT Dream. With hit songs like “We Young,” “We Go Up,” and “Hot Sauce,” NCT Dream is nothing if not versatile. Post the commercial success of their first full-length album Hot Sauce, they’ve proven it yet again. The septet consisting of Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung have returned with an eclectic summer anthem. NCT Dream’s first album repackage Hello Future was released on June 28 at 6:00 pm KST. The title track for this album also titled “Hello Future” has taken NCity by storm along with two new B-sides, “Life Is Still Going On” and “Bungee.”


A Neo(n) Summer

Written and produced by Kenzie, Adrian McKinnon, and Moonshine, “Hello Future” is a bass-heavy anthemic summer song. With lyrics like “Because I met you / We shine brighter together,” the song carries a feel-good message accompanied by an addicting beat. The music video for “Hello Future” was a visual delight in itself. Filled with psychedelic colors and a fantasy-like intro, the video was very reminiscent of NCT Dream’s 2017 release, “We Young.”

Further into the video, the seven members can be seen in various settings. Accompanied by bright neon visuals, and a rainbow sequence that matches the chorus choreography, “Hello Future” took viewers on a journey with a camping set-up. The setting is futuristic, reflective of true NCT fashion. The choreography is energetic and groovy.

“Hello Future” was received well by fans who felt nostalgic and excited with NCT Dream’s return to their roots.


Bungee Jumping Into Fan’s Hearts

Even with “Hello Future” leading the way, “Bungee” is the new kid in town on the repackaged album. Produced by Kenzie, Moonshine, and Stephen Benson, the song is a new genre for NCT Dream in their already versatile discography. Using elements of EDM combining techno and house, “Bungee” is a dance-worthy track with an addicting build-up to the chorus coupled with NCT Dream’s solid vocals and rap.

A Dreamy Summer Ending

Finally, adding onto an already stellar lineup is “Life Is Still Going On.” An R&B pop song with the sound of a music box playing in the background, this song was accompanied by a pre-release track video. 

Exuding summer vibes with a laid-back poolside aesthetic, “Life Is Still Going On” was immediately touted as a Dream classic by fans online. 



NCT Dream’s Hello Future is set to be promoted starting this week and has the fans anticipating performances and more. In the meantime, you can listen to the album on Spotify and Apple Music

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.