Make your bestie’s “Dreams Come True” with these gifts inspired by the K-pop group NCT 127, hand-picked by EnVi!

JellyCat Watermelon Plushie

Does your NCTzen bestie love watermelons just as much as Mark does? Gift them this watermelon plushie! It’s super soft and would look cute as decor next to NCT 127 albums.

JanSport Mini Backpack

Traveling to visit family members for the holidays? Get a JanSport Mini Backpack to make traveling less hassle-free! It’s lightweight but sturdy, small, and stylish!


These classic kicks are a staple in the members wardrobe and were even featured throughout their Simon Says music video and promotions. These are the perfect gift so your friend can match with NCT 127.

Starbucks e-Gift Card

With the weather getting colder, help your NCTzen bestie keep warm by gifting them a Starbucks eGift Card! If your Nctzen bestie is not a fan of hot drinks, they can enjoy one of Johnny’s personal favorites, an Iced Americano!

Disposable Camera

Get your friends a film camera this holiday season to capture the precious moments in life! This film camera is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around to capture photos! Your bestie can practice capturing photos like Johnny!

Wine Glasses

Want to surprise your favorite NCTzen with a funny gift? These glasses are not only for drinking wine, you can even pour up a glass of lemonade or pretty much anything you can find just like the former 10th-floor neos.

JellyCat Pink Bunny

Surprise your NCTzen friends this holiday with the iconic JellyCat Pink Bunny Plushie! Taeyong has shown us his pink bunny several times, especially in V-Lives!

Larissa Loden Necklace

NCT 127 are always in jewelry and their day-to-day is minimal and clean, as seen by Doyoung’s pick, the Mini Pirouette from where he bought in the U.S. from Larissa Loden. This necklace is a great sentimental item, where you and your bestie could match.

NCT 127 Gift

Mini Projector

Love watching NCT 127 music videos and content? This mini projector is the perfect way to save space in your room while still being able to binge-watch all of your favorite films and dramas right on the wall! Don’t be limited by a small screen anymore!

NCT 127 Gift

Holiday Cookbook

Channel your inner Master MOON Chef and bake up the best cookies, pies, and cakes this holiday season to share with your NCTzen friends and family! Maybe even make some treats in NCT neo green! Purchase the physical or digital copy here.

NCT 127 Gift

Tom Ford F*cking Fabulous Perfume

If your NCTzen bestie is looking for a new signature scent, we have the perfect gift for you! The members of NCT 127 have shared they’re avid users of Tom Ford scents! This fabulous fragrance is a warm blend of gourmand almond, iris heart, and floral scents!

NCT 127 Gift

Nature Republic Nail Polish

Treat your bestie to some new nail polish! This polish is perfect for getting together for a spa day and doing some NCT-themed nail art!

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