Best known as one of BLACKPINK’s vocalists, Kim Jisoo, stage name JISOO, has already made a name for herself outside of the group. From being a successful musician to being DIOR’s ambassador, and venturing into acting by making a cameo on the drama Arthdal Chronicles, Jisoo has proven to be a versatile artist. The idol added another element to her list of projects by taking the lead role in JTBC’s drama Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: A Flower That Blooms in the Snow

As one of the most anticipated dramas from 2021, Snowdrop is set in 1987 South Korea dictatorial government. Starring Jung Hae-in as Lim Soo-ho, a graduated student who’s found covered in blood at the female dorm in Hosoo Women’s University. Student Eun Young-ro, portrayed by Jisoo, helps hide him. They both endeavor in a romantic relationship in the center of one of South Korea’s historical mass movements. 

Jisoo’s performance as the literature student Eun Young-ro has drawn the eyes of many. Her character’s bright energy and charming personality captivated the hearts of the viewers.

However, what makes Young-ro stand out is her courage. The character’s development throughout the show exhibits her resilience and determination to conquer her fears amidst hardships. It proves to everyone that she doesn’t shy away from challenges. The many faces of Young-ro made it hard for fans to believe that this is Jisoo’s first main role in a TV drama.

Jisoo: The Artist 

Born in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea, the 27-year-old developed a passion for arts from a very young age. After joining a drama club in 11th grade, she auditioned for YG entertainment and trained for five years. 

Jisoo’s first public exposure came before her debut. The singer made a special cameo in the KBS2 drama The Producers and featured in several advertisements for LG electronics and Samsonite. She also appeared in music videos like Epik High’s “Spoiler + Happy Ending” and Hi Suhyun’s “I’m Different.” Subsequently, in August 2016 she debuted as one of BLACKPINK’s powerful vocalists with the single EP Square One

After her debut, she was the MC for the music program Inkigayo from 2017 to 2018, alongside GOT7’s Jinyoung and NCT’s Doyoung. With BLACKPINK gaining massive international success, she became the face of big luxury fashion brands like MICHAA and Dior Beauty

In 2021, she became Dior’s global ambassador for both fashion and beauty. Additionally, Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri revealed that the Fall 2021 Collection was heavily inspired by Jisoo. Later in the year, she was invited by the brand to personally attend Paris Fashion Week for the Spring-Summer 2022 show.

When asked about acting back in 2019, she expressed that at the time she wanted to focus on her activities as a member of BLACKPINK. “Working as a member of BLACKPINK makes me really happy, now I’m most focus on BLACKPINK’s work.” Nonetheless, acting was still a subject of interest for the artist. That same year she made a special cameo in tvN’s fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles, and a year later, she took her first leading role in the upcoming TV drama Snowdrop.

Becoming “Eun Young-ro”

Securing the role for Eun Young-ro wasn’t simple, the casting was highly competitive. However, after seeing her audition, the director of the series, Jo Hyun-tak, immediately selected Jisoo to play the part. “At first, I didn’t think of giving the Young-ro character to a rookie actress,” he stated at the press conference. “But as soon as I saw Jisoo I immediately thought she was Young-ro, just like that it was decided […] I remember begging Jisoo to take the role when I first met her.”

Venturing into the world of acting was still new for Jisoo. In the press conference, she explained that taking a leading role for the first time made her deeply nervous. Once she was on set and acted, the role of Young-ro became part of her. “It was my first time, so I didn’t know how I was coming out and there were a lot of parts,” she said. “I was lacking but Hae-in guided me a lot and made me comfortable, I think it was an environment where I could act with more focus.”  

From Stage to Screen

It is not a secret that there’s a big amount of hard work that goes behind expanding your artistry, despite making it seem effortless. What makes Jisoo stick out is the ease she exhibits when developing both roles of her career. 

With such an incredible debut and performance, many have praised Jisoo’s acting. Fans have taken over social media to show their support and excitement for the artist, trending the word “Snowdrop” with every episode. People can’t get enough of her. On platforms like Instagram, her followers increase daily, making the singer one of the most followed K-pop Idols on the app. More recently, she added another achievement to the list by winning Best New Address at the 2nd DDU Awards.

What’s Next?

Whether it’s breaking records in the music scene with BLACKPINK or becoming the ambassador of luxury brands, Kim Jisoo continues captivating the world. As she now steps into the world of acting, the artist is already cementing herself as one of the most promising rookie actresses in the industry. BLACKPINK’s fans have been enjoying her outstanding debut performance, even though it remains unknown if another acting project from Jisoo is coming soon. We are eagerly waiting to see what comes next. 

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