SEVENTEEN unveiled their 11th mini-album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, on October 23. From their debut in 2015 to now, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino have continuously reinvented their sound and message. After eight years in the industry, playing with different music genres, expanding their artistry together and individually, touring around the world, and charting at No.2 on Billboard 200 with their latest album, the group has already cemented itself as a powerhouse within the music industry. 

SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN takes a complete turn from its preceding album FML. The latter is all about love and dashing emotions, filled with R&B and mellow sounds, whereas this new record tackles positive feelings, happiness, and trust in oneself. 

The Start of a Festival 

Built strongly around pop, soul-funk, and cheerful sounds, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN is filled with positive energy and hope, providing the listener with a festival-like atmosphere. Although this positive message is consistent throughout the album, it shines through with the opening track “SOS.” The strong bass record produced in collaboration with the renowned American DJ Marshmello features a rock-based rhythm and conveys a solid theme of letting the world know it’s okay to ask for help. With “SOS,” SEVENTEEN tells listeners to let go of negative thoughts, and that no matter the hardships, better days are yet to come. “We gotta run away from the dangerous thoughts that come our way / Come, lean your back on me, us together, we can stand up straight / We’re gonna be okay, our tomorrow is a brighter day,” they sing.

One thing that the members of SEVENTEEN are well known for is their input, creative endeavors within their craft, and overall love for music. This sentiment is transparent in the second track of the album “God of Music.” With a soul-funk rhythm and energetic synth, the song is an anthem about the importance of music. SEVENTEEN’s cheerful energy and charm are present from beginning to end, as they sing about how meaningful music is to them. The core of “God of Music” lies in the message that music can break barriers no matter the language, as we can connect and communicate through it. As they close the track, the group doesn’t hesitate to express that music for them feels just as essential as breathing. 

The first half of the album wraps up with “Diamond Days,” an electro-pop track that samples “Shining Diamond” from their debut album, 17 Carat. The song reinterprets the previous record, which introduced the group’s charm and ambition to the world. Eight years later, SEVENTEEN, through “Diamond Days,” show their fans, CARATs, that even after achieving massive success, they remain the same as before. They conclude that every minute from their debut to now has been worth it. “Promise of us never breaks / The way we are now / It’s the same as the beginning / I’ll remember the first day of us,” they sing

Diving Into the Sub-Units

The sub-unit songs are a highlight of SEVENTEEN’s productions. The members of the group’s sub-units, which are divided into performance, hip-hop, and vocal, take the opportunity to emphasize the group’s skills and abilities separately. Sub-unit projects provide each team with the chance to explore their crafts and show the world what they have to offer. Although SEVENTEEN already shines when they are together, these units are a great way to showcase their growth and proficiency in every aspect, and SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN was another opportunity for that to develop. 

This second half of the album starts with “Back 2 Back” from the performance unit. The EDM-pop track offers a heavy synth melody alongside a mix of vocal effects, exploring a more upbeat dynamic, different from the rest of the album. In the song, Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino tackle the idea of not feeling regret about moments of happiness spent in the past, even if some of those memories are behind. 

Immediately after comes “Monster” from the hip-hop unit. For this record, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon dive into a bold hip-hop sound as they confidently sing about their success. Similar to the song’s title, the instrumental gives the impression of being a perfect fit for a horror film. Although the members mention monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and zombies in the lyrics, the record mostly talks about their desire to show off how amazing they are live in concert. They feel confident, and it comes through both musically and lyrically as they let everyone know that they feel the greatest when they perform. 

While “Back 2 Back” and “Monster” talk about regrets and confidence, “Yawn” is all about acceptance. The vocal unit members Joshua, DK, Seungkwan, Jeonghan, and Woozi sing calmly about the highs and lows of a previous relationship in the pop-ballad track, acknowledging that sometimes calling it quits is the right decision. “There’s no way I wouldn’t know / Because you are my breath / Do not feel sorry / It’s just like a yawn when it is not enough,” they sing.

A Message to CARATs

SEVENTEEN concludes SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN by showing their gratitude to their fans with “Headliner.” The rock genre track mixes the group’s honey-like vocals with low drum rhythms and grounded melody, offering a sense of a coming-of-age record perfect for a movie soundtrack. In the song, the group makes a deliberate effort to let their audience know how grateful they are for the support. “I’ll sing along to you / the same melody / I cry and laugh along with you / Because you’re my headliner,” they sing. With “Headliner” SEVENTEEN sends a message of love and appreciation to their listeners, as they wish for the fans to continue to support and look forward to a bright future alongside the group. 

Throughout SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’s seven tracks, the members of SEVENTEEN continue to exhibit their unique charms, embracing what it means to grow in their musicality and play with different rhythms. Although, musically and lyrically, this body of work differs from the group’s latest mini-album, FML, the core of SEVENTEEN’s distinct sound is laid bare throughout, and their message of moving forward without stopping on the road of happiness remains clear. 

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