As part of the recently launched series, THE NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE, K-pop group NCT is sequentially revealing original content on YouTube. On the third installment of the online show, the band released MUSIC SPACE,  a corner dedicated to the music stories of NCT’s members. Hosted by Johnny, the segment featured Mark as its first-ever guest and gifted fans with the—highly anticipated—first live performance of “Child.”


Fans of NCT are always in for a treat. Not only the group creates some of the most experimental music in the K-pop landscape, but they’re also a bottomless abyss of content. From behind-the-scenes of their album recordings to their own plays on established shows, the members of NCT are the masters of video content. To prove a point, the boy group launched THE NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE, a YouTube series set for monthly release. Divided into four different corners, THE NCT SHOW will take viewers through different video formats, including a news segment and a quiz show. To kick off the series, Jeno and Sungchan updated fans about the members’ activities on NCT NEWS. A sequel of A Cup Of Coffee followed, with the members diving into the roles of college students enjoying some leisure time. After the reveal of MUSIC SPACE—NCT’s spin-off of the disappeared SBS show—Challenge! City Golden Bell will be released on February 12.


Based on the 2000s’ show of the same name, MUSIC SPACE is NCT’s rendition of the TV program originally broadcast on SBS between 2006 and 2008. The late-night talk show was conducted by Lee Juck and featured South Korea’s most prominent stars. MUSIC SPACE was known for mixing in-depth conversations about music and introducing unique performances. Among the guests counted singers like Drunken Tiger, WAX, and Lena Park, as well as popular groups such as the Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Super Junior, and Fly To The Sky.

About “Child”

Much like the original, NCT’s MUSIC SPACE combined the talk show and live music format. In the first part, Mark sat with Johnny to discuss his solo debut and share tidbits about “Child.” In the candid conversation, Mark explained that his song was conceived as a gift to his fans. When describing the song, the star added, “I think we all have that inner childish side of us, no matter what age we are in. Whether it be a rebellious type or whether it be a lonely type or whether it be just being ignorant, all those “childish emotions” are put in the song.”  

In addition to the meaning of “Child,” Mark also offered insight on the production process of his single, as well as the music video. Regarding the latest one, the star confessed he was involved to the point he offered feedback even on the last day of the video edition. “I wanted it to be natural, even the clothes,” he mentioned before remarking that most of the music video showed his personal style—JanSport backpack included. 

Child’s First Live Stage

The highlight of the show, however, came when Mark took the stage to present his solo song, on a live stage, for the first time. Decked out in a faux fur coat from the sacai x Kaws collection, leather pants, and a graphic t-shirt, Mark performed his self-penned solo debut backed by a band. The track, which has turned into a huge success, acknowledges the struggles of growing up amid expectations and criticism. It only made sense that the singer displayed a vulnerable side that was yet to be seen in any of his performances. Switching between vocal and rap portions, Mark’s emotional staging of “Child” found him at his truest self. By the end of the performance, it was evident that Mark Lee has reached the point of his career where he doesn’t need to fit concepts anymore because he’s building his own. 

Fans Are Emotional

Following the release of MUSIC SPACE, fans flooded social media to express their feelings upon listening to Mark perform “Child.” While some fans were overjoyed, others took to Twitter to discuss the meaning behind the single and how emotional it made them feel.

“Child” Is Topping Charts

With the amount of support and expectations Mark’s solo debut has raised, it goes without saying that “Child” is living up to the rapper’s immense popularity. Within an hour after its release, the song amassed the highest number of Unique Listeners on MelOn this year. The song also reached number one on Bugs Real-Time Chart and landed first place on the Gaon’s Weekly  Download Chart. Furthermore “Child” entered the Top 50 Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and debuted at number 12 on Spotify South Korea Weekly Top 50 Chart.

However, Mark’s influence is not only palpable on music charts. The music video of “Child” displays a raft of ways to win at the fashion game. Take a look at some of the style lessons from his solo debut here