Small Business Spotlight: DegeCreative

By: Yimika

EnVi is back with another K-pop small business spotlight! We had the pleasure of speaking with our very own D, who is the owner of DegeCreative. Based on the East coast, DegeCreative is a business that sells handmade resin art, specifically keychains and bookmarks.  A few of the keychains are K-pop-inspired, but D also offers keychains that pair well with a cute bag or set of keys, and the bookmarks come in a range of different colors and feature phases of the moon.

Creating the resin art is a tedious process and requires time and patience to achieve the Finished product. “To create a bookmark or keychain piece, I have to mix a 1:1 ratio of resin and hardener and mix well for about a minute. After, I add either a mica pigment color or foil flakes, then pour carefully into the chosen mold. Resin curing takes at least 24-48 hours for me,” explained D. After that, it still takes another day or two to finish up the product before it’s ready to go. 


Cute Keychains

Fantasy, K-pop, and colors are the three main inspirations for DegeCreative. “I love K-pop music, and I’m immersed in an online community that really loves it too, so creating pieces that correspond with someone’s favorite group or member seemed like a natural step,” D said. Keychains are a fun accessory that can enhance a backpack or serve as a cute gift.

The NCT keychain and Yellow & Gold sunflower keychain


Yellow & Gold Sunflower Keychain

The NCT Keychain


D’s Recommendations

White and gold is such a regal color combination; the two colors stand out really great together. I also love the gold vinyl moon phases on them and the gold-painted edges, because it adds an element of fantasy that I love.”  D expressed. She was able to bring those elements together to make the White & Gold Moon Phases / Geode bookmarks, which are her personal favorite in the shop. 

“As for the sea green & silver bookmark, I think this is just a case of a great color combination. I buy my mica pigments online, and I definitely search for all the unusual colors most people don’t think of first. So when they see this sort of bookmark, it’s really eye-catching. I think this is the same with my yellow & gold sunflower initial keychain. Also, people just really love sunflowers.”

If any of D’s products captured your interest, be sure to check out DegeCreative on their Etsy shop!


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Thumbnail courtesy of Nevi.