As the new year begins, more and more people are following their dreams and opening up their own small businesses. For many, this may be the first month or year since they started their entrepreneur journey. As much as there are great things that go along with starting a business, there are definitely challenges as well. With it being Mental Health Month here at EnVi, we’d like to share a few tips on how you can keep high morale while going through the highs and lows of being a small business owner. 

Take Time to Unwind 

Being a small business owner is a full-time job that may not stop as soon as you leave the office. Make sure you make time boundaries between when your work starts and finishes. If you stop packing orders by 5 PM, try not to do anything work-related after that. Taking time out to think about other things that are not oriented to the business will help your mind rest before working hard the next day.

Celebrate Small Victories

With opening a small business, it could be difficult not to constantly compare yourself to shops that may have the same focus as you, or started around the same time that you did. No matter how big or small, make sure that you always acknowledge your hard work with any milestone that feels important to you. The type of celebration can be on your own terms as well; treating yourself to a fancy dinner, going out with friends, or doing an at-home spa day. 

Lean On Your Support System 

Establishing a small business in any circumstance is not easy. There is always pressure to succeed from the outside world, the stress of long nights working on a product. Even in the rough times, don’t be afraid to reach out to your support system at any time. They know that you have been working non-stop and would do anything to help you. 

Remind Yourself That You Can Do It 

Self-doubt can manifest in any task, especially if you step out from something stable. Always take time out of your day to say positive affirmations as a reminder that you will be successful on your own terms. Get a small mirror to hang in your office, or you could use your phone camera as well to make sure you can look at yourself when you fill yourself up with love. You could also hang up positive affirmations around your work space, or post notes on your computer. 

As EnVi’s Mental Health Month comes to a close, never forget to take time for yourself and be confident about your abilities.

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