Stray Kids Dance with Luxury Brand ETRO

By: Vanessa Arias

On September 16, Italian luxury brand, ETRO, released a video featuring Stray Kids’ subunit DANCE RACHA, promoting the brand’s Earthbeat campaign. The subunit—consisting of members Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix—are the first K-pop idols ETRO has worked with. 

ETRO expertly showcases each individual member’s flare while promoting their shoe in this short but impactful video.


Consistent with their efforts to appeal to a younger generation of consumers, the brand has reached out to K-pop group Stray Kids, for their new shoe campaign. The ETRO EARTHBEAT sneaker the boys are seen wearing is the newest release from the brand. Presented during their Men’s Fall-Winter 2021/22 fashion show, the sneaker aims to reconnect with nature.

The design features multiple textures and colors meant to represent the natural “beat” of the Earth. The brand sought out to create a shoe that would show the love for the planet. True to ETRO’s character, the shoes are vibrant and feature the signature Paisley design. 

Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix model three different colorways as they dance, showing off their talents in the promotional video. The video shows off the versatility of the shoes as the members each dance to different styles of music.

The Individual Color of DANCE RACHA 

Lee Know’s cut perfectly mirrors the more mature aspect of his persona. His pair’s colorway is a brown shoe with bright colored accents paired with a pullover starring the iconic ETRO Paisley design. His cut focuses on his ability to dance with sharp and powerful movements, easily modeling the shoe while dancing to the 90s techno-like beat.

Hyunjin is shown wearing the black version of the sneakers, dressed in a multicolored sweater that directly calls to ETRO’s experimental style. The video highlights his signature languid movements and the excellent body isolation he’s known for. 

Finally, Felix shows the streetwear side of the EARTHBEAT sneaker, with a pale colorway. In the clip, he bounces to a hip-hop beat that reflects his bubbly dance style. The rapper showcases the more relaxed side of the EARTHBEAT shoe, how it can be dressed down just as easily as they can be dressed up. 

About the Brand

ETRO is a family owned business founded by Gerolamo “Gimmo” Etro. Gimmo founded the company in Milan, Italy in 1968. The brand is known for its signature Paisley motif, introduced in 1981. Nowadays, what began with Gimmo is run by his four children, Jacopo, Kean, Ippolito, and Veronica. Since 1968, ETRO has designed high-end pieces keeping the same eclectic, bohemian style it is known for.

The brand prides itself on creating luxury that resonates with their consumers worldwide and this is reflected in the locations of their various boutiques. Recently, ETRO is expanding its reach by appealing to not only a global audience, but a younger generation through their new campaigns. This year, ETRO dressed the Italian rock band Måneskin for the international song competition, Eurovision. Just as well, Chinese actress, Yang Mi, was announced as their new global ambassador

Fan Reactions

STAYs were more than overjoyed at the video’s announcement and took to Twitter to share their excitement over the campaign!

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Thumbnail courtesy of ETRO.