With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) underway and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the City That Never Sleeps is ignited with fashion and romance. From playful coquette staples to classic elegance, showgoers are displaying the best of their style game while simultaneously offering cues on how to properly honor the day of love.

Want to make hearts flutter with your Valentine’s Day wardrobe? EnVi rounded up the trendiest bits of street style to inspire your OOTD. Keep scrolling to see what’s capturing the hearts of fashionistas at New York Fashion Week.  (A caveat: red, pink and heart motifs will never go out of style to celebrate the day of love.)

The Classic Color Duo

Red and pink make the ultimate color combination for any Valentine’s Day look — think fiery reds, passionate pinks, and flowery patterns that bring out the theme of love. 

This week, various shades of pink graced the streets of New York on clothing pieces such as fur coats, pants, and rings. For a hip on-the-go streetwear look, pink baggy jeans were the perfect style choice to take any fit from casual to flirtatious. 

While pink is a timeless hue to enhance any outfit, red was the pop of color commanding the attention of showgoers. Many attendees stylized their looks by adding red accents such as shoulder handbags, sunglasses, and hair accessories. Since red statement bags are all the rage this season, carrying a bright shoulder purse is an exceptional way to upgrade any Valentine’s Day ensemble. 

If you’re looking to diversify your color palette, blues and yellows are complementary add-ons to pair with the staple pink and red. 

Florals And Textured Fabrics

Floral patterns on fabrics and embroidered pieces were spotted on many NYFW attendees — some even accessorized their looks with floral statement pieces and rosettes. Taking cues from Y2K fashion, you can sport rosette chokers and hairpieces or floral adornments fashioned as a centerpiece for tops. In addition to floral designs, you can never go wrong with fur and sequin textures for a dash of fun and elegance. 

Heart Motifs

Staying on brand with the love theme, heart motifs are mainstays for Valentine’s Day. The romantic pattern is a no-brainer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it an innovative spin. Take a page from the VIP guests at New York Fashion Week and opt for tops patterned into heart shapes and accessories like earrings and sunglasses. You can go as big or subtle as you prefer with cutout pieces, patch adornments or even beauty staples — heart manicures, body gems, or graphic liner. 

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