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Whether you’re feeling the warmth of a new love blossoming or the unexpected chill of spring showers, Team EnVi’s got the latest releases to ease you into the spring season. From bops that will add a spring in your step to cathartic ballads — we’ve got it all in this week’s Sunday Spin just for you!

Olivia Rodrigo – “so american”

Throughout her career thus far, Olivia Rodrigo has done everything from wearing her heart on her sleeve to serving it on a platter. But GUTS (spilled), the deluxe version of her sophomore record, is a fine balance between being vulnerable and daring. While the spunky pop star has explored themes of heartache and revenge before in hits like “vampire” or “get him back!,” GUTS (spilled) offers something much more hopeful within its five-track extension — young romance.

With a title like “so american,” you wouldn’t necessarily believe this B-side to be a love song — but that’s exactly what it is. This punk-influenced tune captures the full-force enthrallment of being smitten with someone. Rodrigo doesn’t shy away from her love interest as she admits, “Oh God, I’m gonna marry him / If he keeps this shit up / I might just be in lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love.” Carrying the same free-spoken nature seen throughout GUTS (spilled), Rodrigo’s “so american” is playful and romantic in every sense.

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Cupnoodle – “Bababababy”

Looking for a little pep in your step, or perhaps for your playlist, this week? Check out the latest single from German Thai indie singer-songwriter Cupnoodle! “Bababababy” is an infectious earworm inspired by modern-day romance and a playful nod to the nerves that accompany its earlier stages. Laden with funky guitar riffs and a disco-inspired beat, “Bababababy” is a groovy and heartwarming track that will have you wanting to dive headfirst into love.

Amid the flurry of emotions of blossoming attraction, Cupnoodle hopes that listeners can also find a bit of empowerment in the song. She explained in a press release, “Dig deeper into the song and you find that it is actually about a desire to break out of one’s comfort zone. Despite your uncertainties of approaching a person, you should just muster up your courage and shoot your shot. Only under pressure can we rise to the occasion.” Whether you’re looking for a track that captures your feelings, searching for one to encourage you, or just want to dance, “Bababababy” is an all-around hit.

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Seori – “Fake Happy”

Seori reads back on an old diary full of memories from her latest mini album and single “Fake Happy.” The alt-pop artist comes back with a melancholic pop song reflective of one’s authenticity and fear of facing fake happiness as one runs towards their desires. The song reminiscences over the innocence found in past events while questioning their current discontent and navigation in life. Seori wistfully views the irony of life as she sings, “Always thought I’ve been dreaming / It’s like I know I lost innocence / How funny a life full of nonsense? / Why do I feel like fading? / Like crumpled notebook pages / I’m constantly running for something.” Just like the track’s essence, the music video is also rooted in bittersweet nostalgia, as glimpses of personal footage from Seori’s childhood capture her once carefree innocence. Flickering between the younger version of herself to who she is today, the “Fake Happy” music video is a visual representation of Seori’s yearning for what she has lost over the years.

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Tyla – “ART”

There’s been a lot of talk about South African singer Tyla lately. If you tuned in to the 2024 GRAMMYs last month, you may have seen her accept her very first GRAMMY for her chart-topping hit “Water.” But on March 22, the rising star released her self-titled debut LP, TYLA. Along with the release of the record, Tyla uploaded a music video for the eloquently romantic track “ART” — and it’s everything you might expect from the title, and more. 

Opening the song in a poised manner, Tyla beckons, “Ain’t this what you came to see? / Let me be your muse, I’ll inspire you / In ways you won’t believe.” Tapping into the Amapiano genre, “ART” has a smooth yet expressive tone. With lyrics focusing on becoming the apple of someone’s eye, it’s no surprise to see Tyla looking ethereal in the music video as she lounges on a chair while being painted by an artist. Almost like a siren, Tyla’s beauty lures a wandering man into the gallery — only for him to be met with the artist, who is also Tyla herself. “ART” is a heartfelt offering to a lover, but its music video also emphasizes the power of self-love — both important lessons for those navigating love all around.

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THE BOYZ – “Nectar”

From a lighthearted summer rom-com to a mischievous heist, THE BOYZ have immersed fans into their world of PHANTASY. After releasing the first installment of the group’s second LP last summer, THE BOYZ finally brought their fantastical storytelling trilogy to a close with Pt.3 Love Letter. And what better way to wrap up this chapter of their careers than with a coming-of-age bop?

“Nectar” is bittersweet despite its name. Sonically, “Nectar” matches the sun flares, bursts of color, and nostalgic shots of the 11 members running around together in the track’s music video. With its twinkling synths and melodious nature, THE BOYZ capture the essence of young love at its finest as they chant, “I’m addicted / I’m addicted to you.” But lyrically, the track embraces that nothing lasts forever and to take a chance on the future, even if it may be uncertain. Listeners are broken out of the fantasy and faced with reality as stereo feedback interrupts the song briefly, matching the brief flashes of the members in despair as seen in the music video. THE BOYZ easily own the coming-of-age sound with “Nectar” — cementing that we all experience growing pains, but life will continue to be full of more to hope and dream of.

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rhyu – “Quiet”

Rising Singaporean singer-songwriter Raine Hahn Yu, also known as rhyu, has released her latest single “Quiet” — a heartbreaking ode to unrequited love. The track is laced with delicate, plucky string instruments and a melancholic piano melody. Capturing the heartache of falling for someone unaware of your feelings for them, “Quiet” tells the tale of quietly loving them from the sidelines. With a deep, rich, and elegant vocal tone, rhyu stands out amongst the crowd with a one-of-a-kind timeless sound. Inspired by the memories she has been stowing away from the young age of four, rhyu hopes to bring those emotions to life with her music and bring her listeners comfort. Although this is just the beginning of her musical endeavors, with such introspective and heartfelt lyricism already, the future seems promising for rhyu.

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DAY6 – “Welcome to the Show”

It has been nearly three years since South Korean rock band DAY6 released a project altogether, but that changed on March 18. After embarking on solo endeavors and completing their mandatory military service, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon returned with their eighth EP, Fourever. After so much time since the band’s last project together, it comes as no surprise that the title track of the mini-album is one full of endearing lyrics and the utmost sentiment. 

“Welcome to the Show” is a love letter to the band’s devoted fanbase – My Day – who have patiently awaited the band’s return. DAY6 vow to their fans, “Still holding onto your hand / Even on the day the curtain comes down / So that we can say to each other / That I was happy because it was you.” Penned by the group’s very own bassist and vocalist, Young K, it’s hard to not be moved by the tenderhearted lyrics. His fellow bandmates Sungjin and Wonpil also were credited as composers alongside JYPE producer-songwriter Hong Jisang. Exuberant and uplifting, “Welcome to the Show” is a testament to DAY6’s growth over the years and a hopeful future ahead.  

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Paul Kim – “Little Star”

Intertwining music with storytelling, powerhouse vocalist Paul Kim returns with an emotional collaborative feature “Little Star.” Originally written and sung by K-indie acoustic musician Standing EGG, Paul Kim commemorates the re-release of the Japanese film The Last 10 Years with his cover release. The romantic drama film tells the story of twenty-year-old Matsuri Takabayashi, whose incurable disease leaves her with only ten years left to live. In response, Matsuri decides to avoid falling in love and not remain still in her life — that is, until she meets Kazuto Manabe at a school reunion and everything changes. Lined with the film’s sentimentality, “Little Star” illustrates the deep affection someone can hold while expressing their promise to protect their loved ones forevermore. Singing of their infatuation and loved one’s beauty, Paul’s unique light voice harmonizes with the song’s sensibility, invoking wistful affection for both the cinematic piece and ballad cover.

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girl in red feat. Sabrina Carpenter – “You Need Me Now?”

Some collaborations are just too good — and the one between alternative songstress, girl in red, and pop princess, Sabrina Carpenter, is one for the books. Marie Ulven, best known by her moniker “girl in red,” is gearing up for her anticipated sophomore LP, I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!, which is set to be released on April 12. “You Need Me Now?” is the third single from the record and is full of the unabashed candor that can be found throughout much of Ulven’s discography.

Driven by gritty guitars and a fast-paced drumbeat, “You Need Me Now?” channels anthemic alt-rock. Wielding words as sharp as knives, the duo come together to put a toxic lover in their place. Ulven spits out, “You made heartbreak look elegant / Abused me with intelligence / I could have sworn you were heaven sent / You’ll always be a setback.” Carpenter taps into the track after being called upon by Ulven, like a tag team fight, and matches her energy to a T. Without missing a beat, Carpenter sings, “I’m sick of your schemes / And you’re such a disease / I know, I’ve heard it before / I’m never beggin’ for love again, baby.” Together the pair come out triumphant after cutting off their exes for good.

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Adrianne Lenker – “Free Treasure”

A little less than four years after 2020’s lauded songs, folk singer-songwriter Adrianne Lenker returned with her sixth solo record Bright Future. The Big Thief frontwoman, known for her prolific yet inexhaustibly potent songwriting, recorded the entirety of the album straight to tape, in the company of friends and musicians Phil Weinrobe, Josefin Runsteen, Nick Hakim, and Mat Davidson. “Headphoneless and heart-forward” as she describes it, the analog recording process is reflected in the disarming intimacy that shines through Bright Future’s 12-piece tracklist. From vulnerable moments delving into poignant family recollections like opener “Real House,” to crescendos depicting turbulent relationship dynamics like the solo rendition of Big Thief’s fan favorite “Vampire Empire,” or lead single and closer “Ruined,” Lenker’s signature heart-on-sleeve and simultaneously craft-minded approach to lyricism and her intricate sense of melody and rhythm become threads that weave together profound ruminations on love and memory.

“Free Treasure,” the fourth single in line to the album release, stands out as one of the project’s most optimistic peaks, where Lenker muses on the unconditional, loving feelings generously offered to her by a dear figure in her life, even when she “tries too hard” or “trips up.” “Just when I thought I couldn’t feel more, I feel a little more,” she sings tenderly over delicate guitars, accompanied by Davidson on vocal harmonies.           

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Quiet Light – “Fresca”

This week’s New Music Friday saw the release of Riya Mahesh’s (known by her creative moniker Quiet Light) latest single, “Fresca.” The fresh track arrives as the 23-year-old electronic folk artist is gearing up for an upcoming EP. Swiftly put together with the help of her friend and collaborator Nico Fennell, “Fresca” flows along soft waves of soaring and retreating synths, hypnotic percussion, and touches of elegant cello. It is a song about letting go, Mahesh tentatively stated on Instagram upon release. “I was and still am really obsessed [with] this idea of surrendering control of your life and giving into the sort of oceanic feeling that comes with being in love,” she wrote. Her lyrics move between abstract observations, memories, and interactions in conversational verses, circling back to the effortless hook of “When you wanna go, I’ll go / When you wanna swim, I’ll swim / When you wanna dive, I’ll dive / When you wanna give, I’ll give,” in an expression of utterly renouncing control in the face of limerence.  

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Max Aidan, Reggi Condos – “Why U Texting?”

As March slowly comes to an end, Multifaceted Taiwanese-American pop R&B singer Max Aidan and rap artist Reggi Condos wrap it up with their heartbreaking collaborative single “Why U Texting?” Alternating from his previous innocent take on love from his 2023 single “Is it Love?” Max exhibits a new side of love as he expresses the internal conflict and negative repercussions caused by mixed signals, false hope, and manipulative actions. Depicting the emotional turmoil through the bittersweet lyrics, Max sings, “Why you texting when you know I’m broken / Shattered by those words you spoken / Civil war inside my mind it’s aching / Should I stay or am I mistaken.” Using his poignant vocals, Max Aidan combines this emotive pop song with modern relatability in love, evoking sorrow, rage, and sentiment from all who listen and connect.

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Just over three years into their career, RBW Entertainment’s girl group PURPLE KISS continue to leave listeners wondering what genre they’ll explore next. On March 19, just after the third anniversary of their debut, the six-member group returned with their latest EP, BXX. Embracing a more hip sound, in contrast to delicately haunting tunes or electronic-heavy hard-hitters, PURPLE KISS ushers in their girl crush era mixed with a hint of rebellion. “BBB” — an acronym for “Bad B Behavior” —  is a pop track full of bright synths and a hip-hop-influenced beat. While the track offers a buoyant and catchy melody, lyrically, the ladies entice listeners to indulge in their wild side. They encouragely sing, “Say what you want / Better to be bad than to be hurt / … Try a bad behavior, bad behavior.” With an unapologetically confident bop like “BBB,” it feels good to be a bit bad sometimes!

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include goodbye and godspeed” by Sarah Kang, “parasite” by yuji and Ethan Low, and “Automatic (2024 Mix)” by Hikaru Utada. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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