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Spring is in full bloom, and EnVi is here to provide you with the freshest soundtrack for your days out, nights in, and everything in-between. In this week’s edition of Sunday Spin, we’ve handpicked brand new releases from around the globe to fuel you for the week ahead.

Jiwoo – “Afterimage”

“So the plan is to crush my PhD proposal exam, then bless your ears with the new me,” Jiwoo announced to fans via Twitter. Since debuting under WAVY in 2019, South Korean Canadian soloist Jiwoo has steadily pursued degrees in neuroscience and psychology while dropping hidden gem tracks. Although there is no consistent release schedule, fans are always prepared for any new waves Jiwoo makes in the music industry. 

Keeping to his promise, Jiwoo made his long-awaited return to the R&B scene with “Afterimage” on April 19. This release comes almost two years after his third EP Evergray, which encompasses the challenges of a romantic relationship lacking vulnerability. Exploring a similar theme, “Afterimage” expresses the ego of someone pursuing a potential romantic partner. Through alluring vocals, Jiwoo sings, “I know I’m the one you need / I’m the world like you’ve never seen / Baby, you won’t know until my afterimage disappears,” illustrating that his presence will be impactful in this person’s life if they are willing to accept his advances. With an equally captivating music video directed by Rayul G,  it is certain that Jiwoo’s “Afterimage” will remain in viewers’ minds. 

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Hana Vu – “22”

LA singer-songwriter Hana Vu established her name in the indie scene at just 17, with her self-produced project How Many Times Have You Driven By (2018) and breakout single “Crying on the Subway.” Two albums (2019’s Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway and 2021’s Public Storage) and an EP (2022’s Parking Lot) later, the artist is now gearing up for her upcoming LP, Romanticism. Out May 3, the latter is set to embody the liminal state of coming-of-age, through explorations of the contradictory feelings of youth — its chaotic novelty and magical ephemerality. “22,” the project’s third single following “Care” and “Hammer,” presents the final stamp in a line of indicators marking Vu’s creative development into a newfound sophistication both sonically and lyrically. Guitar-heavy and evoking the nostalgic essence of late-aughts indie rock, the track delves into Vu’s distress in the face of young adulthood: “I’m just getting old / I’m just twenty-two.”

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ONEWE – “Beautiful Ashes” 

In search of a rock ballad that will tug at your heartstrings? Five-piece South Korean alt-rock band ONEWE has got you covered with their latest title track “Beautiful Ashes.” On April 17, Yonghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong, and Giuk returned with their third mini-album Planet Nine : ISOTROPY — the group’s first release as five since their all-English LP, GRAVITY, in early 2023. “Beautiful Ashes” is just as devastatingly beautiful as the title appears, as the track tackles the theme of yearning for an ex-lover. The music video captures the ups and downs following a breakup, with members doing everything from smashing objects to crying it out. And what would a heart-wrenching rock ballad be without a soul-stirring guitar solo? “Beautiful Ashes” is bittersweet, cathartic, and a grand return for ONEWE.

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t024 – “Cedarwood & Tangerine”

t024 (pronounced to-twenty-four) is a Korean alt-pop duo composed of producer Nap!er and singer-songwriter Senji. Debuting in 2021 with their leftovers EP, t024 has always “aim[ed] to present music that resonates best between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.” The duo believes that is a time frame where a person’s emotional senses are heightened. Staying true to their goal, t024 offers listeners a unique experience as they explore the concept of smelling memories in their latest single, “Cedarwood & Tangerine.” 

Utilizing olfactory imagery through the repetition of the title, t024 details the lingering memory of someone from their past. The music video stitches together obscure images to further detail the intensity of the fragrance, offering an additional visual experience. Contrasting the hazy images are shots of Senji in the shower presumably trying to erase the overwhelming scent to no avail. Forced to relive the memories of his past, Senji pensively sings, “My head is full of you / Stained on my body / It cannot be erased.” 

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Arooj Aftab – “Raat Ki Rani”

On April 18, Pakistan-born and New York-based singer, composer, and producer Arooj Aftab unveiled the first single off her upcoming LP, Night Reign. An anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed Vulture Prince (2021), which earned the artist a Best Global Music Performance Grammy award for standout track “Mohabbat,” Night Reign is a product of Aftab’s fascination with the night, her “biggest source of inspiration.” In the equally melancholic and blissful “Raat Ki Rani,” Aftab sings of an alluring “queen of the night,” floating above a restrained build-up of piano, delicate percussiveness, and notes of enchanting harp. The track comes alongside a music video directed by actress Tessa Thompson and produced by Kishori Rajan, which illustrates the esoteric unfolding of a fleeting romance between two female models on the set of a photo shoot.

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Tim Atlas – “Just A Baby”

Enough just to wake up your mind, Filipino-American singer-songwriter Tim Atlas ventures into a new musical front in his recent, synth-clad single “Just A Baby.” Known for his skill in mastering sounds, Atlas returns with a neo-soul and funk-adjacent track that encourages listeners to dance. Atlas sings of rediscovering your adolescent joy through a relationship. Washing away the anxieties of life and fear of tomorrow, Atlas focuses on the present as he relishes the bliss given by another. Listening to the complementary playing of light percussion and addictive keys, listeners join a jam session alongside the band — complete with a simple yet enthralling guitar solo consisting of only three notes. Listeners are in for a treat with this funk-pop gem you can’t help but move your body along to.

In preparation for his debut album Enchanté on May 31, Atlas loops in past EP releases “Le Soir” and “Matinee” alongside unreleased, fresh tracks. He showcases a brand new musical persona, incorporating themes of love, insecurity, anxiety, and trust. As stated in a press release, Atlas expresses his vision of himself as a musician and human through this upcoming project. “With every project I put out, I try to show a little more of myself. Enchanté is basically a reintroduction to me as a human and as an artist. For me, this record represents the different corners of my music that I haven’t showcased.” Mark your calendars, set those alarms, and be prepared as Tim Atlas comes back with a new sound.

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Sylo – “So Familiar”

Parting ways never felt so calm until Sylo’s newest lounge groove single, “So Familiar.” Serving as the second single for his upcoming full-length project, “So Familiar” is the Korean Canadian’s ode to heartbreak and conflict in love. Starting with the seductive calling of horns and gentle fingerpicking, the song’s fine assortment of light beats and loungey piano results in a propulsive rhythmic swing. The chill, jazzy sound mixed with pop elements compliments Sylo’s velvety voice and creates a relaxing atmosphere for listeners to unwind to. Describing the emotions of deeply caring for another, Sylo holds onto more than just love as the relationship nears its end. As mentioned via a press release, Sylo details the piece as, “A paradox of wanting to care for someone so deeply yet knowing you can no longer do it.”

With Martin Klapperbein as creative director and editor, the video was shot in a run-and-gun film style with Sylo singing and dancing in spaces such as an airport boat through the brackish swamps and the vacant streets of Bourbon, New Orleans. The artist’s dynamism in identity and expression is visually portrayed through the shifting scenes from Sylo’s free dancing in the wetlands to his calm demeanor in the lively nightlife of New Orleans. 

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syudou – “Reversal”

Wishing to take a gamble in life? Listen to your heart and overcome the pain of the future to come, alongside Japanese singer-songwriter and VOCALOID producer syudou in his fiery single “Reversal.” In the second opening song for animated series Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy’s second season, syudou abandons the fear of misfortune and declares his rejection of life’s scrutiny and forceful confirmation to society’s ideals. As he loves and hates, envies and desires, syudou sticks true to his nature and persists onwards in creating his own path of his own volition. Both upbeat and melancholic, the exhilarating pop track encourages listeners with its uplifting theme and raw message. The single’s album cover art was created by music video director and illustrator Ryusei. With his well-known mix of pop and rock sound, syudou skillfully switches between his robust singing, growling, and clean cut rapping, hypnotizing listeners into his worldview.

The artist’s 2023 single “Gambling” served as the first opening song for the series’ first season. syudou adopted a similar creative direction with both lyricism and sound in his recent single. Written specifically for this animation, the song aimed to express the growth of the artist but also tie into the narrative of the show’s protagonist Makoto Misumi — an ordinary guy abandoned by gods and humanity who tries to reset his life in the world. Referencing lyrics used in his last single, syudou continues to paint the harsh realities of life while inspiring those who listen to fight onwards just as he does through his musical storytellings.

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Nlve – “Zz”

Korean American R&B-pop artist Nlve wishes listeners a good night’s sleep with his soul-soothing single “Zz.” Continuing onwards with his mission to help his listeners slow down, express themselves, and be liberated through his music, Nlve comforts listeners into a calm slumber as their day comes to an end. Through speaking out on the internal struggles of one’s mental state and the wish to be at a standstill, the artist reassures listeners and encourages them to suspend all consciousness until asked otherwise. Nlve sticks true to his song’s title as he crafts a relaxing soundscape with soft acoustic guitar, layered with lo-fi beats and accompanied by his shiny vibrato.

Viewers may chill back and snooze alongside the official lyric video which shows a neutral colored illustration of a housing complex with an animated background displaying moving constellations and shooting stars. Sometimes all you need is some time to rest and sleep away your clouded mind and Nlve is here to help you through it.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Impossible” by RIIZE, “Earth, Wind, & Fire” by BOYNEXTDOOR, and “Psychic” by LAY. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you, on Spotify.

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