Kiss cherry cola lips goodbye because tanghulu lips are going to become your new favorite lip trend. Playful and bright, tanghulu lips are K-beauty’s newest way to get a saturated glossy pout. The beauty trend initially blew up on social media and now, it’s shaping to become the perfect makeup style for the spring season. 

Due to Y2K’s grip on beauty and fashion, glossy lips have shape-shifted into many different micro-trends. A popular Asian candy inspires the latest trend, but that doesn’t mean it’s only spotted in Asian countries. The trend has reached global status. 

But First Things First, What is Tanghulu?

ICYMI, tanghulu has taken the crown as social media’s favorite candy. Tanghulu originated in China and traditionally consists of skewered fruit dipped in a hard candy cover. The candy shell encases the fruit for optimum shine and a crunch factor. Strawberries, grapes, and oranges are commonly used for this sweet snack, but other fruits are also popular. 

In 2023, the affinity for the candy even started a tanghulu craze in South Korea. As kids and teenagers discovered it on social media, tanghulu shops multiplied around the country. Surpassing East Asian waters, the candy has gone international and can be found worldwide now. 


🍡 Tanghulu—Chinese candied fruit with the most satisfying cronch! INGREDIENTS: 1 lb strawberry, grape, or other fruit 10 skewers 2 cup sugar 1 cup water The syrup can be tricky to get just right (it took me 4 attempts 🥲) so here are some of my tips: ⊹ pat the fruit dry before dipping ⊹ don’t stir the sugar & water syrup ⊹ don’t dip til syrup is amber (300F) #tanghulu #candiedfruit #snackideas #chinesefood #mukbang #easyrecipes

♬ Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

The Guide to Tanghulu Lips

Asian makeup artists took glossy lips up a notch, kickstarting the tanghulu lip trend. The look channels the bright fruity color of tanghulu and mimicks the ultra-reflective candy coating. Tanghulu lips are bright and saturated, just like fresh fruit, but also ultra shiny like the candy shell covering the fruit skewer. The best thing about this lip trend? It only takes three steps: hydrate, tint, and shine. 

The first step is to apply a generous layer of lip balm and wait five to ten minutes. Coating the lips with a healthy layer of moisture assures a smooth, flake-free base. The lip balm keeps the lips hydrated, tackling any surface-level dry patches the longer it stays on. Though sometimes overlooked, this step is pivotal because it reduces the need to retouch your lip makeup throughout the day. 

After hydrating the lips, wipe off the lip balm and apply a lip tint or lipstick. Make sure to wipe off the lip balm thoroughly so the colored lip product properly adheres to the lips. Pro tip: When wiping off the lip balm, use a damp hand towel. The texture of the hand towel will gently exfoliate the lips without irritating them.

Finally, create the tanghulu candy coating, applying a generous amount of lip gloss or lip oil. Concentrate the shine on the center of the upper and lower lip for a volumized pout. For a true tanghulu appearance, clear glosses without pearl pigment work the best. 


Tanghulu lips versi makan-friendly. Buat base sih bebas pake yang matte/ satin, Buat toppernya pasti pake glossy/ lip gloss, Kalo mau pake 1 layer yang glossy doang juga woke sih tapi lebih ga awet aja. Products used: @trelooksbeauty matte liptint shade sugar snap bare concealer shade mare @secondatebeauty gel lip gloss shade stargazing #liptutorial #liptint #tutorialmakeup #makeupideas #makeupforbeginners

♬ оригинальный звук – user24747736550

The Stars and Tanghulu Lips 

Let’s rewind for a second. Remember, we mentioned the tanghulu trend has gone global? This lip look is now making waves among the biggest stars across the world. Colombian sensation Karol G, Thai actress Tu Tontawan and Hindi star Disha Patani are among the long list of celebrities pioneering juicy tanghulu-style lips. However, the internet’s favorite example is perhaps K-pop star Wonyoung — member of IVE.

As one of South Korea’s trendsetters, Wonyoung’s beauty and fashion choices often make headlines. Her signature glossy lips á la tanghulu, which she has championed since her debut, are no exception. With the resurgence of Y2K and the booming popularity of the tanghulu trend, her lip look — a cool-toned lip tint with a few swipes of clear lip gloss — has become widely recreated.

The K-pop icon, who is a brand ambassador for several beauty brands, has proved her impact by prompting a slew of tutorials replicating her lip makeup. In late 2023, for example, the idol popularized the rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in Bare Grape and Glasting Water Gloss in Meteor Track on social media, where users dubbed the combination as “Wonyoung’s Lip Combo.” 

Juicy Lasting Tint
in Bare Grape
Glasting Water Gloss
in Meteor Track

Get Tanghulu Lips

The tanghulu lip trend falls at the intersection of punchy pigmentation and wearability. It’s an easy-to-achieve and feminine lip look you can effortlessly recreate with your favorite products. However, if you’re looking to refresh your makeup bag, here’s a handful of EnVi-approved products that will help you create the ultimate tanghulu look. 

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