By May Peralta | @lesjoursdemay 


In a world of multi-hyphenate celebrities ruling the entertainment industry, it is not rare to find stars taking their talents into fashion or design. The latest to bring his artistic sensibilities to create beyond music is Ten—the Thai member of NCT, WayV and SuperM,—who recently revealed his collaboration with the apparel brand Represent.


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Designer Ten

A consummated artist, Ten is recognized for his smooth vocals and for being one of K-pop’s best dancers. However, in addition to his on-stage abilities, the 25-year-old is also known for mastering several languages and having a set of other impressive skills that include drawing and designing. 

Through intricate artwork, usually full of symbolism and a recognizable graphic style, Ten has demonstrated to be an innate artist. On several occasions, he has shown his penchant for creating and has voiced his interest in jewelry and graphic design. When asked about what he would be doing if he didn’t become an idol, he confessed that he would have pursued a career in fine arts, probably moving to London. 

Ten has previously flaunted his artistry on Instagram posts, music videos, vlogs, fansigns, and lent a hand to create WayV’s merchandise, but this is his first collaboration with a clothing brand.



On June 14, powered by the merchandising platform, Represent, Ten launched a capsule collection. Represent is an online retailer that allows stars and influencers to sell limited-edition designs and has amassed a big number of collaborations with international celebrities. Among others, Ten has joined the likes of DAY6’s Jae, GOT7’s Mark, JB, BamBam, TVXQ’s Changmin, and the idol group WINNER, in launching merchandise through this platform.

Titled “What is??? THE ANSWERS,” Ten’s line comprises 5 items: a t-shirt, a long sleeve, a hoodie, a denim jacket and a transparent phone case. All the pieces include graphics designed by Ten. From the eye-catching illustrations, the idol’s own interpretation of the Chinese symbol 十 (that represents the number 10), stands out as it has become a signature of his work. 


Fan Reactions 

After Ten announced the collaboration through an Instagram post, fans shared their excitement and sent messages supporting the artist’s first fashion endeavor.


The hashtag #TENxREPRESENT quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. 

Gathering positive reactions across social media platforms, Ten’s collaboration is surely heading to smooth sailing. You can find Ten’s custom design collection on Represent’s website available until July 4. 

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