It’s electric! From bright neon eyeshadows to Pearl face adornments, this summer’s gorgeous beauty moments in K-pop have left us inspired and in awe!  Take a look at the moments we believe will be remembered in K-Pop history. After all, nothing beats a stunning look in the sunlight!


1) Taeyeon in “Weekend” teaser photos and music video

Girls’ Generation leader and soloist Taeyeon released her funky and sweet solo comeback on July 6th, and boy did she deliver! Amongst the many cute looks, trends like faux moles and pastel colorful eyeshadow can be seen. Stylists put special emphasis on details like multicolored nail art, super reflective highlighter, and pearl adornments acting as an eyebrow piercing.



2) Kwon Eun Bi and Kim Chae Won for Singles Magazine


The former Iz*One members looked stunning in their shoot for Singles in July. On top of Eun Bi’s glossy lids and red lipstick, and Chae Won’s orange-toned lips, the latter also sported a more fun and soft look, with delicate glitter around her eyes.



3) STAYC in “Stereotype” teaser photos


After the success of “ASAP”, the STAYC girls’ comeback was highly anticipated by the fans. They started the rollout for their first mini-album Stereotype in August and took graphic liner to a different level, with creative asymmetric designs and bright neon colors that stand out. 



They also had a variety of monochrome bold eyeshadow colors and colored lashes to match, not to mention unique hairstyles.




4) Red Velvet’s Seulgi in her Queens Archive concept video


Red Velvet’s comeback with “Queendom” was long-awaited after the group’s more than a year-long hiatus. Though all the members were serving visuals in all of their teasers, we have to point out Seulgi’s silver glitter eyeliner and orange hair in the Queens Archive video that spoiled the song “So Good”.



5) SF9’s Yoo taeyang and Hwiyoung for MAC Korea



MAC Cosmetics have been recently teaming up with Korean Celebrities, two of them being Taeyang and Hwiyoung from boy group SF9, the new ambassadors of MAC Cosmetics Korea. The boys looked stunning wearing the brand’s Lustreglass Sheer-shine Lipstick, and more recently are promoting the Sensational Face Cushion, a wordplay with the group’s name.


6) Somi in “Dumb Dumb” concept photos


Somi’s “Dumb Dumb” became a hit on Tik Tok and amongst idols, but we can’t forget to mention her visuals in this era too. Joining in on the high teen trend in her video, she looked amazing in bright pastel eyeshadows and pearl face adornments.



7) Golden Child’s Y, TAG, and Donghyun in Game Changer concept pictures


Golden Child was all about golden and earthy warm tones in their Game Changer album and “Ra Pam Pam” concept pictures, and their makeup didn’t stay behind. Especially members Y, TAG, and Donghyun, who stood out with their metallic golden face beads and embellishments.


8) Purple Kiss in Hide & Seek concept pictures



For their second comeback ever, in September 2021 rookie girl group Purple Kiss was all about shaped glitter and strass for their second mini-album concept photoshoot. With a variety of shapes and designs, they paired them up with bright, almost neon, eyeshadow, and geometric sparkly nail art.




9) Nu’est’s Ren for THEATER+ Magazine


Nu’est’s youngest, Ren, channeled his inner David Bowie for his photoshoot on THEATER+ Magazine. Wearing the rockstar’s iconic lightning bolt makeup, Ren also gave an interview to promote his casting on the musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, about genderqueer East German rock singer Hedwig Robinson.



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