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Astrology Kim Lip

Kim Lip’s ascendant begins in 6° Scorpio. This is a degree of prosperity, innovation, and determination, as well as humility and industriousness. Immediately, she is more reserved, sensitive, observant, and intuitive. She cares deeply for others around her and is loyal to those she cares about. Her Moon is in the first house at 2° Sagittarius. This is a degree of mercy and grace. 

The moon is conjunct Chiron and Pluto, which can indicate emotional intensity, pain, growth, rebirth, and inner turmoil. In Sagittarius, this could symbolize her beliefs, her perspective of the world, religion, and wisdom. She may have an image associated with her that she does not necessarily want or agree with. Because of the conjunction with Pluto, she may also find that she deals with power struggles especially related to Sagittarian themes. 

With Pluto making a square to Venus, self-esteem may be something she struggles with, and she may deal with controlling partners if or when she chooses to date someone. The moon, Chiron and Pluto trine her midheaven, which indicates that her intense nature is well-received by the general public. These celestial bodies also square the sun and south node, meaning that things that make her feel comfortable will ultimately stunt her growth in the long run.

Her first house ruler is in the twelfth house, which gives her a more subtle edge. She is magnetic and draws people in effortlessly without realizing it. She has a strong will and will act to back up what she wants. The conjunction to the ascendant may indicate that Martian qualities such as attractiveness, determination and drive pop out even if she is not always aware of it.

Her second house begins at 5° Sagittarius, with Pluto at 10° Sagittarius. The second house deals with self-worth, values, and possessions, as well as personal finances. She likely is highly creative and values being helpful to others. She also values loyalty, courage, fairness, and curiosity. With Pluto in this house, she is assertive in her values. She may have fluctuating self-esteem and may be wary of lending things to people, but she has an unwavering conviction in her values. 

Her second house ruler is in the fifth house, which may indicate that she cares about creativity, art, self-expression, and fun. Her money comes from a job in the arts, and she has a natural gift for performing. 

Kim Lip’s third house cusp sits at 8° Capricorn. This symbolizes humility, cautiousness, wisdom, and a careful manner of speaking. She may not be a talkative person, but she is deliberate in what she says and can offer much wisdom to those around her. She is also resilient and determined by nature. 

She has Neptune at 2° Aquarius. Because Neptune is in the third house, she may misspeak fairly often or jumble her words, but she is also perceived as highly relatable to others. She is effortlessly funny and charming. She also has a highly imaginative mind and is creatively inclined. Her third house ruler is in the sixth house, which suggests that her health can impact her thinking and vice versa.

The fourth house cusp begins at 12° Aquarius, with Uranus conjunct to the Imum Coeli by one degree. A stellium in any house indicates a lot of energy or lack thereof being emphasized on that house’s subject matter. The fourth house is related to family, ancestry, homeland, the past, childhood, and the home. It also is who we are when we have the opportunity to be alone. She has a stellium made up of four planets in this house: the Sun at 20°, Mercury at 24° and Uranus at 13° Aquarius, with Venus at 14° Pisces. She also has the South Node in this house at 22° Aquarius.

She is quick-witted, intelligent, creative, and innovative. She is innately an assertive, hard-working, and fixed person. As someone with a number of planets in fixed signs and a fixed ascendant, change may be quite difficult for her and she may have a hard time adjusting. She is someone who feels strongly attached to her family, her friends, and her home. She may also be proud of her heritage and her family. She connects well with people who are sentimental and compassionate towards others.

Because she has the South Node in the fourth house, she may be more comfortable keeping things to herself and not opening up. However, while this is her comfort zone, she will remain stagnant if she chooses to let that dictate her life. Her fourth house ruler is in the sixth house, which suggests a link between her emotional and physical health.

Her fifth house begins at 15° Pisces. She has Venus in the fourth house conjunct the fifth house cusp, which can indicate that her childhood was happy and she has always had a creative soul. She is curious, intelligent, and observant. 

Jupiter is at 29° in its ruling sign, Pisces. The last degree of a sign is considered the anaretic degree. This intensifies the energy of the planet, and with Jupiter in a ruling sign, she reaps ample benefits when she has a chance to be involved in the creation process. She likely has a gift for writing in addition to performing. She is influential, driven, and seemingly glows when she is at her best.

The sixth house cusp falls at 13° Aries. She is cautious, strong-willed, and self-preserving. She has Saturn at 28° Aries, which suggests that she takes her work very seriously and is dedicated to being her best self. She is incredibly hard-working and cares a great deal about her health and responsibilities. People with this placement should take care not to let their stress get to them, as it can affect health in the future. She may also suffer from headaches when she is stressed out.

Kim Lip’s sixth house ruler is in the twelfth house with opposition to Saturn. She may have more trouble being motivated than others and may be more prone to doubting herself than others. Because the sixth house ruler is in her twelfth house, there is a strong connection between her physical and mental health, so she will need to be extra cautious about that.

Her seventh house cusp sits at 6° Taurus. This house has no planets in it, however, her seventh house ruler is in the fourth house. She finds she can get close to people who are gentle, graceful, and sociable. She also prefers to associate with people who care deeply about their loved ones and may be more comfortable with people she has known for a long time. She is beautiful, loyal, and has amicable relationships with others.

The eighth house starts at 5° Gemini, with no planets falling in this house. The people she becomes close to are graceful, charming, intelligent, and charismatic. She values relationships with people she can connect with on an intellectual level. Her eighth house ruler is in the fourth house, meaning she wants to be close to people who are emotionally intelligent and sensitive to others. This can also mean that she becomes more talkative as she develops relationships with others.

Her ninth house cusp starts at 8° Cancer. She has a love of learning and growth, as she may feel it brings her peace and contentment. She may feel at home abroad. She may also be comfortable talking about philosophical concepts. There are no planets in this house, but her ninth house ruler is in the first house, suggesting that these ideals are close to her heart.

Kim Lip’s midheaven is at 12° Leo. She is compassionate, creative, and consistently brilliant. She has no planets in this house, and her tenth house ruler is in the fourth house. She may be more reserved and private than other people in her field. However, she has the North Node in this house, so if she focuses on her career, she will be very successful. She wants a career where she can shine and be as creative as she wants. She really leans into being a public figure.

Because Leo is in her tenth house, she comes across as more outgoing than she may be as a person. However, with an Aquarius stellium in the fourth house, she is still friendly, but less warm than a person with multiple Leo placements. It will take more time for her to open up due to her private nature.

Her eleventh house is in 15° Virgo, with no planets in this house. She is sharp, driven, and good at bringing people together. She likely has friends or associates with people who are dedicated, intelligent, hard-working, humble, and kind. With her eleventh house ruler in the fourth house, she likely has a core group of friends and associates. The eleventh house also deals with wish fulfillment, so she can utilize her words by reciting affirmations to help manifest things.

The twelfth house falls at 13° Libra, with Mars at 5° Scorpio. She may secretly struggle with isolation and prefer to be with people. She may also suppress her feelings until they explode, but she may be unaware of her breaking point. It would be wise for her to make a habit of venting every so often to avoid this. Physical activity may also help her clear her head and deal with any subconscious feelings. She has her twelfth house ruler in the fourth house, so she likely deals with her feelings by spending time with other people. She may also have to watch out when she gets upset with others, as it may come off harsher than she intends.

Overall, Kim Lip is a talented, reserved person at heart. She has a strong sense of self and is driven in everything she does. She also cares deeply for those she is closest to. She has strong leadership qualities and values the well-being of the communities she is a part of. She is creative and can have a tendency to be hard on herself, but if she relaxes and has fun, she will be successful.

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