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2021’s upcoming Korean dramas are getting slated for the air and their casts are not short of idol actors. Idols pursuing acting on the side has now become the norm. Although they’ve continuously faced criticism for the craft, idol actors over time have proven their worth and forged their own path in the film industry. This upcoming season for dramas will see the return of many idol turned actors and fresh ones just starting out. Check out the current confirmed list of 2021 K-dramas to look forward to featuring idols in their casts! It’s important to note that the airing dates and casting for these dramas could still change in the future because of unforeseen circumstances. 


First Half 2021


Imitation is an upcoming romantic comedy drama about idol life, adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name by Park Kyungran. The current cast is filled with idols both old and new with Yunho of ATEEZ, Jun of U-KISS and Jiyeon of T-ara making up most of the main cast. Other idols from groups like SF9, ATEEZ, Pristin, Boys Republic and g.o.d will also be making an appearance as the supporting cast. 

  • 12 Episodes 
  • Genre: Music, Romantic Comedy, Drama 
  • Expected Release Date: May 7, 2021 airing every Friday 
  • Main Cast
    • Jeong Ji So as Lee Ma Ha 
    • Lee Jun Young of U-KISS as Kwon Ryok 
    • Park Ji Yeon of T-ara as La Ri Ma
    • Jeong Yunho of ATEEZ as Lee Yu Jin 
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Chani of SF9 as Lee Eunjo 
    • Im Na Young as Shim Hyun Ji 
    • Hwi Young of SF9 as Kang Lee Hyun
    • Lee Soowong of Boys Republic as Hyun Oh 
    • Choi Jong Ho of ATEEZ as Hyuk 
    • Choi San of ATEEZ as Min Su 
    • Park Seong Hwa of ATEEZ as Se Young 
    • Ahn Danny of g.o.d as Ji Hak


Love #Hashtag 

On the smaller screen, fans can expect to see some of their favorites in the upcoming web series Love #Hashtag. Both AOA’s Hyejeong and VICTON’s Seungwoo star in this anticipated drama. It follows young adults through stories of dating in the digital age. 

  • 10 Episodes
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Expected Release Date: April 27, 2021 airing every Tuesday 
  • Main Cast: 
    • Oh Chang Seok as Kang Ji Hoon
    • Hyejeong of AOA as Yoon So Ra 
    • Seungwoo of VICTON as Lee Shi Woo
    • Chae Soo Ah as Kim Chae Ah


So I Married an Anti-fan 

So I Married an Anti-fan is the newest remake of the novel of the same name, having previously been remade into a Chinese movie starring EXO’s Chanyeol. This new drama adaptation will feature Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung as Lee Geunyoung, an anti-fan reporter of superstar Hoo Joon played by Choi Taejoon. Their hatred (or love?) for one another is only fueled further when they end up having to live together.

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Music, Romantic Comedy 
  • Expected Release Date: April 30, 2021 airing every Friday, Saturday
  • Main Cast 
    • Choi Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation as Lee Geunyoung 
    • Choi Taejoon as Hoo Joon
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Hwang Chansung of 2PM 


My Roommate is a Gumiho

My Roommate is a Gumiho is tvN’s latest drama based on the fantasy webtoon, 간 떨어지는 동거. It unfolds the story of Lee Dam (Hyeri of Girl’s Day), a university student who accidentally swallows the fox bead meticulously created by Shin Wooyeo (Jang Ki-young), a 999 year old nine-tailed fox. With both their lives now endangered, they resolve to live together until they can figure out how to remove the bead.  

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romantic Comedy
  • Expected Release Date: May 26, 2021 airing every Wednesday, Thursday 
  • Main Cast 
    • Hyeri of Girl’s Day as Lee Dam
    • Jang Ki-yong as Shin Wooyeo
    • Kang Hana as Yang Hyesun 
    • Kim Do Wan as Do Jae Jin
    • Bae In Hyuk as Gye Sunwoo
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Kim Doyeon of Weki Meki  


Doom At Your Service

Another new fantasy tvN drama, Doom At Your Service will premiere this May. It stars Park Boyoung as Tak Dongkyung, a web novel editor who signs a 100 day contract with Myul Mang played by singer-actor Seo Inguk, a mythical messenger of the gods. 5urprise’s Kang Taeoh will be playing the roommate of Lee Soohyuk’s character while SF9’s Dawon will be featured as the little brother of Dongkyung. 

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Expected Release Date: May 10, 2021 airing every Monday, Tuesday 
  • Main Cast 
    • Park Boyoung as Tak Dongkyung 
    • Seo In Guk as Myul Mang/Kim Saram 
    • Lee Soohyuk as Cha Joo Ik
    • Kang Tae Oh of 5urprise as Lee Hyunkyu
    • Shin Dohyun as Na Jina 
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Dawon of SF9 as Tak Sunkyung 


Second Half 2021 


Affection is a historical drama set to be released in August of 2021. Based on the comic Yeonmo by Lee So Young, the television series follows Park Eun Bin as Lee Hwi, the abandoned daughter of the royal family. Returning to the palace, she disguises herself as a man to become the next king. As the crown prince, she is taught by Jung Ji Woon, played by SF9’s Rowoon, and protected by bodyguard Kim Ga On, portrayed by VICTON’s Byungchan.

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Historical Drama
  • Expected Release Date: August 4, 2021 airing every Wednesday, Thursday
  • Main Cast
    • Park Eun Bin as Lee Hwi 
    • Rowoon of SF9 as Jung Ji Woon
    • Nam Yoon Su as Lee Hyun
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Byungchan of VICTON as Kim Ga On


Devil Judge

Devil Judge is an upcoming law drama focused on head trial judge Kang Yohan played by actor Jisung, who punishes criminals ruthlessly and with so much flair that he’s been deemed the “Devil Judge.” He’s often at odds with his rival, Jung Sunah, an executive director of a corporate social responsibility foundation played by Kim Minjung. GOT7’s Jinyoung will be playing newbie associate trial judge, Kim Gaon who learns through Kang Yohan. 

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Detective, Crime, Mystery
  • Expected Release Date: July 3, 2021 airing every Saturday, Sunday 
  • Main Cast 
    • Jisung as Kang Yohan 
    • Kim Minjung as Jung Sunah 
    • Park Jinyoung of GOT7 as Kim Gaon 
    • Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soohyun 
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Kim Jaekyung of Rainbow as Woo Baeseok


Police Classes

Police Classes will center on college students at a police university. B1A4’s Jinyoung will be acting as main lead Kang Sunho, an ex-cyber criminal who finds himself as a first year student at the academy. Krystal of the former girl group f(x) will play Oh Kang Hee, a fellow first year who has a strong moral code. The supporting cast also features Yoo Youngjae of the previous boy group B.A.P. 

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Youth, Romantic Comedy, Drama 
  • Expected Release Date: July 26, 2021 airing every Monday, Tuesday 
  • Main Cast 
    • Cha Taehyun as Yoo Dongman 
    • Jung Jinyoung of B1A4 as Kang Sunho 
    • Jung Krystal as Oh Kang Hee 
  • Supporting Cast
    • Yoo Youngjae as Jo Joonwok 


Now, We Are Breaking Up

Now, We Are Breaking Up is a romantic drama that revolves around Song Hyekyo’s character Ha Yeongeun, a team leader of the design department of trendy fashion company, The One. She meets Yoon Jaegook, a wealthy freelance photographer, played by Jang Kiyoung. EXO’s Sehun will act as a new employee who is actually the chaebol son of the CEO and Hwang Chisook’s little brother. Yura of Girl’s Day will be playing a top celebrity star with a large following online. 

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Romance 
  • Expected Release Date: November 2021 
  • Main Cast
    • Song Hyekyo as Ha Yeongeun 
    • Jang Kiyong as Yoon Jaegook 
    • Choi Heeseo as Hwang Chisook
    • Kim Hoojun as Seok Dohoon
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Oh Sehun of EXO as Hwang Chihyung
    • Yura of Girl’s Day as Hyerin 


Blue Birthday 

Blue Birthday is a fantasy web drama by Playlist Live featuring Red Velvet’s Yeri as Oh Harin and PENTAGON’s Hongseok as the complex Ji Seojun. 10 years ago Harin finally built up the courage to confess to her first love, Seojun on her birthday. Unfortunately he took his own life before she got a chance. It will follow Harin who discovers the ability to time travel because of a strange picture left behind by Seojun. 

  • 12 Episodes 
  • Genre: Fantasy, School, Drama, Romance
  • Expected Release Date: 2nd Half of 2021  
  • Main Cast
    • Yeri of Red Velvet as Oh Harin 
    • Yang Hongseok of PENTAGON as Ji Seojun 


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Yumi’s Cells 

Yumi’s Cells is an upcoming drama adapted from the webtoon sharing the same name. Yumi is an ordinary office worker who takes pleasure in the normalities of everyday life, and her story is told from the perspective of the many cells occupying her brain that control her every thought and action. SHINee’s Minho and GOT7’s Jinyoung are two cast members that will play a role in Yumi’s story. 

  • 16 Episodes 
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy 
  • Expected Release Date: August 25, 2021 
  • Main Cast
    • Kim Goeun as Kim Yumi 
    • Ahn Bohyun as Ku Woong 
  • Supporting Cast 
    • Choi Minho of SHINee as Wook
    • Park Jinyoung of GOT7 as Yoo Babi 



Snowdrop is a romantic satirical drama that follows the story of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s character and graduate student Im Sooho played by Jung Haein. Set during the 1987 June Democratic Uprising – which established South Korea’s modern day government system – Jisoo’s character will hide Im Sooho from danger in her women’s only dorm. Although there has been controversy over the drama’s plot JTBC, the broadcasting company behind production has assured the public it will not misrepresent historical events or figures. 

  • 20 Episodes 
  • Genre: Satirical, Romantic Comedy, Political
  • Expected Release Date: 2nd Half of 2021 
  • Main Cast 
    • Jung Haein as Im Sooho
    • Kim Jisoo as N/A
    • Yoo In Na as Kang Chungya 
    • Jang Seungjo as Lee Kang Moo
    • Yoon Se Ah as Pi Seunghee 


So Not Worth It

The upcoming Netflix sitcom So Not Worth It will focus on international multicultural students and their daily lives residing in a college dorm. Park Sewan plays Sewan, the teaching assistant in charge of said dormitory. GOT7’s Youngjae will be acting as one of the students living at the dorms Sam, a Korean-Australian student. Fellow resident Minnie, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie’s character, is a Thai student who enjoys watching K-dramas. 

  • Episodes N/A
  • Genre: Sitcom, Youth, Friendship, Comedy 
  • Expected Release Date: 2nd Half of 2021
  • Main Cast
    • Park Sewan as Sewan
    • Choi Youngjae of GOT7 as Sam 
    • Minnie of (G)I-DLE as Minnie
    • Han Hyun Min as Hyun Min
    • Shin Hyunseung as Jamie 


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School 2021

School 2021 is the most recent telling of the School series following School 2017 and follows the story of specialized high school students and their life. Kim Yohan of WEi and former K-pop group X1 plays the lead role. The drama will follow the lives of these high school students, exploring themes such as love, friendship, and growing up, and is set to air in August 2021. 

  • 32 Episodes 
  • Genre: Youth, School, Romantic Comedy 
  • Expected Release Date: August 2021 
  • Main Cast 
    • Yohan of WEi and X1 as Joo Dobin 


I Will Be Your Night

I Will Be Your Night is another upcoming romantic comedy centered on idols. Tae In is an idol from the fictional band LUNA, who suffers from sleepwalking at night and through a series of events a fake physician moves into his band’s dormitory to treat him. The main leads are still unconfirmed but NU’EST’s JR, Yoon Jisung from the former boy group Wanna One and AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun are confirmed to make up the supporting cast as LUNA members. 

  • Episodes N/A
  • Genre: Music, Romantic Comedy 
  • Expected Release Date: 2nd Half of 2021
  • Main Cast
    • N/A
  • Supporting Cast 
    • JR of NU’EST as Lee Shin 
    • Yoon Jisung as Kim Yoo Chan 
    • Kim Donghyun of AB6IX as Gaon 


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