South Korean pop culture has recently achieved new heights of becoming a global phenomenon. While this globalization had started its course in the early 2000s, there’s no denying the dramatic rise in popularity in the last couple of years. This spread of Korean pop culture is not only limited to K-pop and K-dramas but also K-movies. K-movies grew even more so after director Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite won the Academy Award for Best Picture and was the first non-English movie to achieve this.

Movies set to release in the second half of 2021 are in the process of wrapping up production, and to no one’s surprise, the casts include a fair share of K-pop idols. As more and more idols venture into different fields, the list of idols-turned-actors keeps increasing with time– especially during the pandemic when they are unable to promote and hold concerts regularly.

Succeeding our list of K-dramas with idol actors, here is a list of upcoming 2021 films starring idol actors!

Disclaimer: the films listed are forecasted to release in the latter half of 2021. However, it is important to note that the airing schedule or final casting could still change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dream (Provisional title)

Dream, a comedy-drama film written and directed by director Lee Byung Hun, features Park Seo Joon and IU. It tells the story of a soccer player who, due to some unexpected circumstances, is tasked to coach a crew of inexperienced players to compete in the Homeless World Cup. Dream marks IU’s debut in a feature film.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports
  • Main cast:
    • Park Seo-Joon as Yoon Hong-dae
    • Lee Ji-Eun (IU) as Lee So-min
  • Supporting cast:
    • Lee Hyun-Woo as Kim In-Sun
    • Kim Jong-Soo as Kim Hwan Dong
    • Ko Chang Seok as Jeon Hyo-Bong
    • Jung Seung Gil as Son Beom Soo
    • Yang Hyun Min as Jeon Moon Soo
    • Hong Ahn Pyo as Young Jin
    • Lee Ha Nee as Byeong-sam
    • Baek Ji Won as Sun-ja
  • Release Date: To be announced

Holy Night: Demon Hunters (거룩한 밤: 데몬 헌터스)

Holy Night: Demon Hunters is a supernatural action film featuring SNSD’s Seohyun and Ma Dong Seok, who co-produced the film. Written and directed by Im Dae Hee, the film portrays the story of a peculiar group known as the “holy night team,” a group that hunts demons and fights against social groups that worship evil.

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural
  • Main cast:
    • Ma Dong Seok as Ba Woo
    • Seo Hyun as Sharon
    • Lee David as Kim Gun
    • Kyung Soo Jin as Jung Won
    • Jung Ji So as Eun Seo
  • Release Date: To be announced

The Pirates: Goblin Flag (해적:도깨비 깃발)

The Pirates: Goblin Flag is an action-adventure film featuring Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo, EXO’s Oh Sehun, and Lee Kwang Soo. Written by Chung Sung Il and directed by Kim Jeong-hoon, the film is a sequel to the 2014 release–The Pirates. It depicts the story of a sea battle between pirates, bandits, and pioneers before the founding of the Joseon Dynasty.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical
  • Main cast:
    • Kang Ha Neul as Woo Cha Mi
    • Han Hyo Joo as Hae Rang
    • Lee Kwang Soo as Mak Yi 
    • Kwon Sang Woo as Bu Heing Soo
    • Chae Soo Bin as So Nyeo
    • Oh Se Hun as Han Goong
  • Supporting cast:
    • Kim Sung Oh as Kang Seob
    • Park Ji Hwan as Akwi
  • Release Date: To be announced


Wonderland is an upcoming Sci-Fi Fantasy film, written and directed by Kim Taeyong. The film, starring Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum, and Gong Yoo, follows the stories of several different characters. Wonderland depicts a simulated universe called “Wonderland,” where people can reunite with loved ones whom they can no longer interact with in reality.

  • Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Main cast:
    • Bae Suzy 
    • Park Bo Gum
    • Gong Yoo
    • Choi Woo Shik
    • Jung Yu Mi
    • Tang Wei (Rebecca Tang)
  • Supporting/Guest cast:
    • Nina Paw
    • Choi Moo Sung
  • Release Date: To be announced

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