On June 30, the mysterious supergroup Omega X made their highly anticipated debut with the latin-inspired hip-hop track, “Vamos,” as part of a mini-album with the same name. The group includes Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Hyuk, Junghoon, and Yechan—all idols from inactive and disbanded K-pop groups. 

With 11-members from various groups, it can be challenging for fans to get to know each of the members, but worry not! EnVi had the opportunity to get to know the members and learn about their thoughts about each other. 


What places do you want to visit/tour post pandemic?

Sebin: I really want to go abroad wherever it may be!

Hangyeom: All countries overseas.

Hwichan: I want to visit all of the countries in the world.

Jaehan: A concert venue packed with people.


What groups or idols do you look up to?

Sebin: I respect BTS sunbaenim.

Hangyeom: Lee Gikwang sunbaenim♡

Hwichan: Big Bang, BTS sunbaenim.

Jaehan: BTS.


What shows / movies are you currently watching?

Sebin: Variety show called Kokkomu. It highlights interesting events that happened in Korea and abroad.

Hyuk: The latest movie I watched was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Hwichan: The Conjuring 2.

Jaehan: Music shows.


If you had to assign each member an animal or character, what would they be?

Sebin: Jaehan is a sloth, Hangyeom is a lizard man, Hwichan is Woody.

Hangyeom: Jaehan is a deer, Hwichan is a dinosaur, Sebin is a bull, Taedong is a duck, Xen is a duck, Jehyun is a wolf, Kevin is a peep, Junghoon is a koala, Hyuk is an alpaca, Yechan is a crane.

Jaehan: Jaehan is a meerkat, Hwichan is an owl, Sebin is a rhino, Hangyeom is a tiger, Taedong is a cheetah, Xen is a duck, Jehyun is an eagle, Junghoon is a badger, Kevin is a bear, Hyuk is a sheep, Yechan is a sloth.


Which member is the funniest?

Sebin: Hwichan, Junghoon, and me!

Kevin: Junghoon.

Yechan: Hwichan hyung. He has the most serious face. It’s so funny.

Junghoon: Jaehan.

Taedong: Sebin.

Hwichan: Sebin.

Jehyun: Junghoon.

Hyuk: Sebin.

Hangyeom: Jaehan, Sebin, Hwichan, Junghoon, Hyuk.

Jaehan: Junghoon.

Xen: Sebin.


Which member is the loudest?

Sebin: Me.

Kevin: Junghoon.

Yechan: Sebin hyung. He’s always positive and full of energy.

Junghoon: Junghoon.

Taedong: Hyuk.

Hwichan: All 11 of us are loud.

Jehyun: Junghoon.

Hyuk: Sebin.

Hangyeom: Hyuk, Junghoon.

Jaehan: Junghoon.

Xen: Junghoon.


Which member is the most clever?

Sebin: Me.

Kevin: Yechan.

Yechan: Junghoon hyung. He’s the most efficient during practice.

Junghoon: Yechan.

Taedong: Jaehan.

Hwichan: Yechan.

Jaehyun: Jehyun.

Hyuk: Hyuk.

Hangyeom: Yechan, Sebin.

Jaehan: Jaehan.

Xen: Xen.


Which member is most likely to break out in song?

Sebin: Me, Hangyeom, Xen, Kevin, Jaehan, Hwichan, Junghoon, Yechan.

Kevin: Hwichan hyung.

Yechan: Jaehan hyung. He’s really good at catching the strengths of other singers.

Junghoon: Hangyeom.

Taedong: Junghoon.

Hwichan: All 11 people are humming songs.

Jehyun: Hangyeom.

Hyuk: Kevin.

Hangyeom: Junghoon.

Jaehan: Junghoon.

Xen: Junghoon.


Which member is likely to set the kitchen on fire if they cook?

Sebin: Hyuk.

Hyuk: Hwichan.

Kevin: Junghoon.

Yechan: Me… I don’t know how to cook.

Junghoon: Kevin.

Taedong: Hwichan.

Hwichan: Jaehan hyung.

Jaehyun: Kevin.

Hyuk: Kevin.

Hangyeom: Hwichan.

Jaehan: Hwichan.

Xen: Jehyun.


Because Omega X recently debuted, there are tons of new things for fans to uncover! Their mini-album and current content on social media is only a snippet of who the members are and what they are capable of.

Interested in learning more about Omega X? Watch their reality show Loading – One More Chanx, where the members prepared for their debut and bonded as teammates. You can also learn more about them on their TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter  pages!


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Thumbnail courtesy of Spire Entertainment.