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On March 28, 2021, K-pop soloist Wonho held his second virtual concert, #WENEEDLOVE, to catch up with his fans and celebrate the release of his second EP, Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, which was released in late February. The term “we need” is ironically where Wonho’s fandom name, Wenee, was born, and rightfully so — this two and half hour live show was nothing but a back-and-forth lovefest showing just how much Wonho and Wenee need each other.

After a seemingly long 60 second countdown leading up to the show, Wonho opened with the soft pop-ballad, “Flash,” as he sits in his dressing room and slowly makes his way to center stage, all virtual eyes on him. Sporting a shorter, more mature haircut, the singer radiated comfort as he bared his soul to the thousands of viewers watching at home.

Following the opening song, Korean entertainer Kim Minjung stepped out as MC for the night and interviewed Wonho on his feelings about the concert and even read all of the gushing comments that were pouring in from fans worldwide. Wonho proceeded to introduce himself first in Korean and then again in English, revealing that he was very nervous to show Wenee this concert. His awkwardly shy and flustered nature only fueled his charms as he eventually became more relaxed on stage.

Before heading off to prepare for the second song of the night, Wonho prepared and memorized saying “I love you” in 10 different languages for all his fans to understand, and at that moment, it was clear that he would sing his praises for Wenee every chance he got.

The next song he performed was “Best Shot” and everything about it oozed an effortlessly cool nature. From the smooth choreography to the lingering “over-the-shoulder” glances, he knew he was the shit in his teal suit and he wasn’t wrong.

Shortly after the performance, an exclusive rehearsal video played and revealed a very focused (but still playful) Wonho as he and his dancers practiced the songs a week before the show. Even as he continued perfecting the choreography, the singer couldn’t help but steal flirtatious glances at the camera, knowingly sending all of Wenees’ hearts into a frenzy.

As he transitioned back into the live stage, Wonho traded in his suit for a comfy yellow hoodie and his signature pair of shorts — call that gymcore. “Lost in Paradise” was very cute and bouncy in comparison to the previous songs and it was always good to know that Wonho’s bubbly personality could outshine the sun and his yellow hoodie combined.

Afterward, he rejoined Minjung to take a break and react to fans’ comments on his concert so far. One comment read, “You look good,” and Wonho simply smiled and replied, “I know.” The once nervous performer was now replaced with a more confident and comfortable version of himself and that is simply Wonho at his best.

He went on to watch videos fans sent of themselves dancing to his songs and he hilariously tried to mimic their choreography side-by-side with the videos. Arguably, the sweetest parts of this segment were his facial expressions as he was visibly astonished at how advanced his fans are in dancing. He even suggested that Wenee could help him out with creating choreography for his next album, so who knows? With Wonho, anything is possible.

Next, he sang the English version of “Losing You,” his most emotional track on the setlist, and the song that introduced him as a soloist back in September. Decked out in a glitter headset and two gold chains, Wonho delivered a sincere performance as the cracks on the screen behind him finally started to crumble — symbolically showing that the walls around his heart were down and letting his vulnerability shine through.

In the next Q&A video, he was asked what kind of Wonho he wants to be remembered as and he answered, “Someone that everyone likes and as someone that is kind.” All of his answers highlighted the genuine and thoughtful person he is and always strives to be, but just when you thought your heart would melt from his soft spoken words, he would quickly turn the tables into something much more sinister.

Clad in tight leather pants, a black top with one mesh sleeve, and the other rippling arm left sleeveless, Wonho brought out all the thirst traps as he performed “Devil.” His sultry aura was so palpable, it was almost suffocating and yet, he did nothing more than manspread in a chair and occasionally display erratic movements to the beat of the track. In case it wasn’t obvious, this entrancing performance was not for the weak.

Still dressed in his seductive black outfit, Wonho and Minjung started the next talking segment called “Inside Out,” a segment where Wonho explained all the things that were on his mind on a given day. At the top of that list, of course, were Wenee. He continuously showered his fans with love and appreciation during the Q&A and they reciprocated that same energy, proving that a healthy relationship between fandom and their idol is one of the most precious relationships an artist can have. “Because of Wenee, my confidence is up to the heavens,” he smiled.

Wonho went on to perform his next two songs— “Lose” and “With You” — and even included a recording of Wenees’ fan chant over the tracks to replicate the feeling of a live audience. It was Wonho’s first time performing the English version of “Lose” and it was clear that he worked hard in studying English to communicate with his international fans more efficiently.

For the last three songs of the night. Wonho premiered an extended version of “Open Mind” from his first album, which included a new dance break before the last chorus. And for his encore, of course, he ended on a happy note with “All About You” and “We Need” — the former ending in a ring proposal to Wenee as he laughed at his cheesiness.

As the show came to a close, Minjung’s words from earlier in the concert rang true and perfectly summed up the night’s event: “Wonho in front of Wenee has no fears.” He could comfortably share his thoughts, his feelings, his wishes, and know he’ll be accepted for who he is, no changes required.

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