By: Sophie Harrison
Woods Colorful Trauma
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On May 4, WOODZ released his fourth mini-album, COLORFUL TRAUMA. He participated in writing and producing all five tracks on the album. The songs are of various rock genres, including the punk-rock title track, “I hate you.” The album creates feelings of nostalgia, aiming to help listeners to overcome their bad memories.

The juxtaposition of the words “Colorful” and “Trauma,” from the album title,represent the overall message of the album. Bad memories are not something we view with fondness so we would expect them to be described through darker shades to reflect the negativity. However, WOODZ wants listeners to think of difficult times as a “Colorful Trauma.” By overcoming our hard times, we can view the world more brightly. The uplifting message is presented through the genre of rock. The addition of several rock songs to his R&B and pop collection proves that WOODZ’s music is constantly evolving.

WOODZ The Rockstar

Perfectly capturing the rock theme of the album, the first track is “Dirt on my leather.” Sung in English, the hard-rock song combines WOODZ’s powerful vocals with electric guitar riffs as he sings about overcoming sadness and “rocking” instead. “Why you gonna be so sad?/ Let’s ride and roll, all rock and roll,” he sings. During a listening session, he revealed that this song took only 30 minutes to make, the shortest amount of time among all songs on the album.

The engine revving sound at the end of “Dirt on my leather” links to the opening of the second track, “HIJACK.” It is a hip-hop/rock song with a heavy guitar sound. By combining his bright vocals with an addictive rap verse, WOODZ was able to showcase his versatility as an artist. He first revealed the song during a live performance in December 2021, leaving his fans, MOODZ, eagerly waiting for the studio version. MOODZ’s anticipation for the song was matched by the artist himself as he thought the track would be one of the fans’ favorites on the album.

As a nod to early 2000s punk music, the title track, “I hate you” is an upbeat punk-rock song. It has a nostalgic vibe as WOODZ explained it was inspired by the music he listened to growing up. The song’s pre-chorus has a slower tempo. The chorus, however, has a traditional rock sound, as the electric guitar and bass drum kick in. His captivating vocals also shine throughout the track. MOODZ were able to listen and jump around to the song during the album showcase where it was performed with a live band. 

During an Instagram Q&A, WOODZ said the movie, 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) fits the vibe of the song. On the surface, the lyrics of the song depict the soloist getting over a toxic relationship and seemingly moving on, “I don’t need you.” However, the adlib suggests that this is not what he truly feels in his heart as he sings, “No way, pls don’t go.”

The music video doesn’t follow a storyline, but is still a visual masterpiece. There are references to art, with one of which being WOODZ appears in a glass box, similar to Tilda Swinton’s piece, “The Maybe.” Just like the “FEELS LIKE” video, he is in an elevator, but this time is joined by a band to suit the rock vibe. The makeup and styling also perfectly fit the rock genre with grunge-inspired band t-shirts, black-painted nails, and heavy eyeliner. His hair is colored with various neon highlights, reminiscent of pop-punk singers like Avril Lavigne.

An Emotional End

Slowing things down, the next song on the album is “Better and better.” The alternative-rock song is largely focused on WOODZ’s emotional vocals. He announced during the album listening session that it is a fan song for MOODZ. The singer expressed that he wants to be a lighthouse for fans, guiding them out of the darkness. The lyrics also create a meaningful feeling, “Even if we’re shaken by waves / Let’s sail forward.” 

Ending the album is the slower pop-rock track, “hope to be like you.” The song begins with a whistle producing a peaceful atmosphere. Contributing to the peaceful, healing-like vibe, WOODZ’s unique vocal color is layered throughout the song. His tone is particularly bright during the chorus which repeats the title of the song, allowing listers to easily sing along. A guitar synth solo marks the end of the album.

Endless Support

COLORFUL TRAUMA is WOODZs’ latest release since October 2021. The singer and producer believes it is his best album yet. It is currently ranked number 1 on Hanteo chart and 38 on US iTunes Album Chart.

The album has received support from idol singers including BLACKPINK’s Jennie and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon who both posted Instagram stories in support of the album.

MOODZ also took to Twitter to express their fondness for the album.

To keep updated with WOODZ, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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