Diving into social media, runaways, and K-pop, here are beauty trends that are becoming increasingly popular in 2022.

Throwback to the ‘90s With Icicle Hair

With the ‘90s and Y2K beauty becoming a big interest lately, it’s no surprise that hair tinsel is a trend to keep your eye on in 2022. This trend rapidly grew on social media, now known as “fairy hair,” having around 318.8 million views on TikTok alone.

“Icicle hair” and “string bling” made another revival in the 2000s as these metallic strands were seen on Beyonce at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2010. The silvery metallic strands complemented her caramel-colored hair, adding beautiful highlights to her sleek Grammy’s look. 

Hair Tinsel is making rounds again in the beauty industry as Allure Magazine claimed that K-pop stars brought the hair tinsel trend back into the spotlight in 2018. Allure dedicated a whole article to Heize’s metallic-stranded hair stating it was a great bleach-free alternative to the holographic hair trend of the time. 


Various celebrities participated in this metallic highlight trend, including Kacey Musgraves, J-Hope of BTS, Sunmi, Taeyeon of Girls Generation, and Katy Perry

These shimmery highlights are a great way to add some flair to your hair without having to use any chemicals. There are natural hair-colored tinsels available also!

Soften Up With Blush As Contour

Following the ongoing trend of more natural-looking makeup, a technique that’s becoming popular is using blush to sculpt the face. It can be paired up with contour, but blush alone can change the entire vibe of your look.

Makeup artist Rachel OCool explains in her TikTok that blush can brighten, lift, or sculpt your face depending on the placement and color. You can use blush on the apples of your cheeks to give a rounded, fresh look, or apply it higher on the sides of your face to lift, or you can even use a darker color under your cheekbones to sharpen your features. 

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Achieve the well-known sunkissed look by applying blush over your nose. You can even add blush to your temples and under your eyes for a more dramatic visual.

The best types of products for this technique are cream and liquid blushes. Though some powder blushes might work perfectly, like Bruna Tavares’s BT Shimmer Blush, the liquid formula gives a more natural look and is easier to control, blend, and layer. Products like Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush and the e.l.f Putty Blush are perfect for this softer contour alternative.

Light Up a Room With Holographic Pigments

Rising in popularity, makeup lovers are turning towards holographic pigments. Reminiscent of the early 2010s, holographic pigments have found immense popularity within the past few months. Finding its rise on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the pigments add an edge to any look. 

Holographic pigments are multi-chrome pigments that have an iridescent quality to them. These products are usually sold as creamy pigments, loose shadows, or liquid eyeshadows. Often worn on the eyes, they can also be placed on the nose and lips. 

Want to impress with holographic pigments? Try products like the Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes, or the Karla Cosmetics Sleepy Head Opal Moonstone Multi Chrome Loose Eyeshadow.

Shine Bright With Glitter Eyeliner (Teardrop Liner)

A known staple in K-pop for years now, the glitter eyeliner, also known as teardrop liner, has been making its moves around East Asian makeup trends and is expanding to the west through social media, mostly Tiktok.

Teardrop liner comes usually in the form of a gel mixed with glitter or a liquid eyeshadow. It’s usually applied to the inner corner of your eye or the under-eye for a bright and watery style. It’s a great stage look, but also works perfectly for daily life and different occasions!

You can use chunkier glitter liners like Ruby Rose’s Glitter Shine, a softer, more reflective one, like the Innisfree Twinkle Glitter, or even a liquid eyeshadow, like the Shine Party by City Girls. Inner corner and lower lash line are the most common placements, but you can also apply to the center of your lids, under your eyeliner wing, or even on top of your highlighter for a more whimsical look.

Add Extra Shine to Your Smile With Tooth Gems

This fashion craze is all over social media, with over 1.8 billion views on TikTok. The trend had grown in popularity once again! Tooth gems are tiny rhinestones or charms bonded to the enamel of your teeth as a semi-permanent way to add a little extra bling to your smile.

There is a rich history of teeth modification in several different cultures. This practice has long been a part of Latino culture. Ancient Mayan kings and queens drilled holes into their teeth and filled them with jade to display their social status. Aristocratic Japanese dyed their teeth black as symbols of health, beauty, and social status in the eighth and 12th centuries. Tribes in the Philippines were known for their gold-pegged teeth, while even skulls from the Ming Dynasty revealed teeth covered in intricate fish scale patterns made of gold.

It wasn’t until the 80s, with the rise of hip-hop, that American culture got on the trend of teeth accessories. Grills have origins with rich Etruscan women, but the black community popularized the custom mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry has since turned into mainstream culture.

For those wary of adhering the jewels to your teeth, TikTok user 019ash might be able to help. They glued the gems on old retainers, giving them the chance to embellish their mouth with and have the freedom to remove them!

Incorporate 2022’s Color of the Year

Pantone recently announced Very Peri as the official color of the year, but variations of the shade have been showing up in makeup, nails, and clothing for a while. With the ongoing trend of pastels and softer colors in beauty, fashion, and interior design, shades like lilac, periwinkle, and lavender are everywhere.

One way to include Very Peri in your makeup is as an eyeshadow like those from the Young Love palette by Ruby Rose or the Glossier Lidstar in Lily. You can also use it as color liners using the Glisten Cosmetics Wet Liner Purple Bundle, or mixing Bruna Tavares’s BT Velvet in Lavender and Mintblue.

Another way to incorporate Very Peri into your beauty routine is on your nails! We recommend the Essence Cosmetics Gel Nail Polish shade 45 – Creating Memories. You can also give your hair a color makeover with Keraton’s Neon Colors Lumi Lavender.

Spice Up Your Eye Look With Eye Gems

This versatile trend can add spice to any eye look. Make a natural look more lively by adding a gem or two or live an editorial fantasy by adorning your face with gems in the shapes of butterfly wings. The possibilities are endless!

Want to add a bit of brightness to your eye? You can add a single gem to bring some brightness to the inner corner. NCT’s Taeyong was sporting gems on his inner corners during an Instagram Live. The bling paired perfectly with the sultry smokey eye.


You could also elevate your look by scattering gems around one of your eyes. In VICTON’s Chronograph teasers, member Subin had gems scattered across his lid and under-eye. The silver and gold gems are simple but effective as they add even more drama to the smokey eye.

Queen of K-pop and Girls On Top member, BoA, adorned her eyes with the gems. Adding rhinestones to the inner corners, outlining her winged liner, and adding a single gem to the cheeks made this look more than performance-ready. 

There is no right or wrong way to style the gems, so don’t be afraid to go all out!

Whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with sparkling hair tinsel or eyeliner, or just looking to spice up your everyday makeup with simple gems or blush, 2022 is the year for experimentation in beauty!

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